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Amy Schumer is 'anticipating how awful it's going to be' touring without son Gene: 'When you hear them cry and reach for you, you just want to throw up'

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    Amy Schumer
  • Chris Fischer
    American chef & husband of Amy Schumer

As Amy Schumer embarks on the highly-anticipated Whore Tour, her latest standup show in 42 cities across the U.S., she's feeling anxious about leaving her son Gene, 3, for a long stretch of time.

"I always want to cancel everything, and I always try," Schumer told The New Yorker on the morning she left on the first leg of the tour. "The thing that weighs on me is being away."

Schumer shares Gene with her husband, chef and restauranteur Chris Fischer.

"I'm anticipating how awful it’s going to be saying goodbye to [Gene], like, the third time I leave to go on the road," she said. "When you hear them cry and reach for you, you just want to throw up."

The night before she left on tour, the 41-year-old said Gene had fallen asleep on top of her as she lay on the couch, which made parting with him even more difficult.

"There are a limited number of nights where they’ll want to do this," she said of her 60-show tour. "I'm going to miss sixty-five nights of putting him to bed. I mean, what is that worth? Am I crazy for doing this? But then it's, like, I have the opportunity to go and make all this money."

As a parent, Schumer is concerned about whether or not it's healthy for Gene to be traveling at this age. "Routine is good for them," she said.

Fischer and Gene will be at home in Brooklyn for most of the tour, but plan to come out to see Schumer "a lot."

"With our life and her career and with Gene, it’s not really a conversation," Fischer told the magazine. "She tells us what's going on, and Gene and I, we're happy and willing and able, so far, to adapt."

As Schumer's tour kicked off in Minneapolis, Minn., on Friday, many of the shows have already sold out, according to the her website.

When reflecting on her unique style of comedy — which often paints her body as both the brunt and the victor of her jokes — Schumer explained, "I don't know why I don’t have any boundaries. I just don't."

"Loving yourself physically — I said all that when I was, like, twentysomething. I got a little ahead of myself. It was easy to say I was hot then, because . . . I was," she said. Now in her 40s, "I vacillate between feeling really beautiful and special and just that I look like a monster."

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