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preists ....molesting kids


If you fuckers stop giving these  bastards  money ......the catholic religion  .....may go broke ......but then its total brainwashing ,......and worst of all ....its  mostly  in third world countries ........inhabited  by ignorant ........its how it survives  ....the  ignorant are terrified  by fear ...of god .........and presits are capitalizing on this  ......i trust no religion on any level .......but if you like to be brainwashed and  scared  ....then you deserve all you get .....there is no excuse for  men touching kids on any level...............

Pope Francis’ Man in Canada Marc Ouellet Accused of Sexual Abuse by Former Inte

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  • Marc Ouellet
    Canadian Catholic cardinal
  • Pope Francis
    Pope Francis
    Religious leader
Remo Casilli/Reuters
Remo Casilli/Reuters

ROME—A prominent cardinal who has been short listed as pope in the last two conclaves has been accused of sexual abuse by a former intern. Cardinal Marc Ouellet, who most recently accompanied Pope Francis on his apostolic voyage of penance to Canada, has been accused of massaging, kissing and groping the buttock of a 23-year old female who was his pastoral intern in 2008.

The accusation is part of two class-action lawsuits brought by 193 victims against 116 members of the Brothers of the Christian Schools of Francophone Canada on Tuesday. A judge in Quebec has already authorized the suits to go forward, prompting the Arsenault Dufresne Wee Avocats law firm of Montreal to present documentation, including accusations against Ouellet.

The prominent Canadian cardinal is named in the first of the two lawsuits, which accuses another 87 prelates and staff at the school of rampant abuse. The woman who accuses Ouellet is identified only as “F.” in the brief.

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The alleged victim described Ouellet as being the “most important person in the diocese” at the time they met at a dinner at the Sisters of Charity in Beauport, Quebec in August 2008. At some point after the dinner, F. said Ouellet massaged her shoulders and back, which left her “frozen in the face of this intrusion and didn’t know how to react,” the lawsuit states.

A few months later, F. said Ouellet kissed her cheek and hugged her with “familiarity, even though they had only seen each other once or twice before, and held her firmly against him, caressing her back with his hands.”

Two years later, in 2010, the lawsuit alleges Ouellet told her that he could hug and kiss her again because there is “no harm in spoiling yourself a little.” It was at that time he “slid his hand along F.’s back to her buttocks,” according to the suit. “That day, more than during previous meetings, F. understood that she must flee Cardinal Marc Ouellet as much as possible. The uneasiness she feels is more present than ever.”

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  Not sure about the rest of you all ........but when it comes to handcuffs!  .......i trust no  fucker ...... ever ......never