Saturday, August 20, 2022

once again

 They were fine for the longest time .....but as always  ....human beings have ruined it  .....over driven  ....ecology  etc...etc......its what we do better than anything  houses and  offices  ....destroy  environment ........lets all give ourselevs a nice pat on  the back ..........

Here's where California's cliffs are collapsing into the sea the fastest

DEL MAR, CA - MARCH 19: A bluff collapse on February 28th has some people calling for the relocation of the stretch of train tracks along the coast on Friday, March 19, 2021 in Del Mar, CA. (Jarrod Valliere / The San Diego Union-Tribune)
Cliff collapses like this one in Del Mar in February 2021 are a reminder of how the California coast is an ever-changing line in the sand. (Jarrod Valliere / San Diego Union-Tribune)

Cliffs along California’s northernmost coast have been eroding faster than the more populated bluffs of Southern California — one of many conclusions highlighted in a new map and study that analyzed, for the first time with high-resolution data, every cliff along the state’s long and varied shoreline.

The study, conducted by researchers at UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography, also identified hot spots in areas both north and south: The rate of cliff collapse was more than 16 feet per year in places such as the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Big Sur, Point Arguello and Martins Beach just south of San Francisco.

Overall, the highest rates of erosion were detected in the counties of Mendocino, Humboldt and Del Norte. Hot spots there include Usal Beach, the King Range, Centerville Beach — which are all part of a region known as the Lost Coast — and an area about two miles north of the Klamath River.


The consequences of cliff erosion have already proven to be severe on major roadsrailways and other critical infrastructure, and coastal officials have increasingly turned to scientists for help. A recent cliff collapse that killed three women has also intensified the pressure to better understand this hazard looming over much of the California coast.

Like hurricane forecasting, projecting when and how much a cliff will erode — especially in the face of sea level rise — is in high demand. But coastal cliffs are infamously difficult to study, and the data that scientists need to feed into these forecasting models have been few and far between.

A more detailed picture has finally come into focus with this latest study, which was published in the journal Geomorphology and turned into a searchable website. Researchers and coastal officials across California now have a more nuanced assessment of this daunting issue that could affect more than 530 miles of the state’s shoreline.

"It's pretty exciting. … When you start to develop these kinds of datasets that are highly detailed — spatially, and ultimately temporally — we can then learn even more about … how cliffs behave over short time periods," said Patrick Barnard, who, as research director of the U.S. Geological Survey’s Climate Impacts and Coastal Processes Team, has built complex models to forecast cliff erosion in California. "This is what we need to know to be able to support coastal management and reduce hazard risk and get people out of harm's way."

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