Friday, August 12, 2022

japan is crumbling ...............

The country is   going to  shit used  to be  the men were  men  ....but  japan    is  going to  hell ........look at this  it's the  beginning of the  end  ....same  with UK     ....its  a  fucking shithole of  humanity .........america  is  already there  its   just  weak as  fuck   ....and lost ......and  laughed  at ........and  look at what the masses  voted  for  a  fucking old AF   stuttering fool ...........corn pop  basatrd

apan’s female gender equality minister replaced with man who simulated pregnancy with a false belly

In this article:
  • Seiko Noda
    Japanese politician
  • Fumio Kishida
    100th~101st Prime Minister of Japan
  • Shinzo Abe
    Shinzo Abe
    Prime Minister of Japan from 2006–2007 and 2012–2020

A former Bank of Japan official who once wore a “pregnancy belly” for two days was chosen to replace female minister Seiko Noda as the cabinet head in charge of tackling the country’s plummeting birth rate.

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida reshuffled his cabinet on Wednesday in an effort to distance his administration from the conservative Unification Church and its ties to the assassination of former leader Shinzo Abe.

Masanobu Ogura, 41, was appointed to replace 61-year-old Noda, a ruling party veteran and mother of one, as minister for gender equality and children’s issues.

In an interview with the Associated Press last month, Noda blamed “indifference and ignorance” in the male-dominated Japanese parliament as the reason for the country’s declining population, an issue she described to be a national crisis.

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She added, “The politics of Japan will not move unless [the problems of children and women] are made visible.”

Ogura posted onto Twitter on April 9, 2021, that his intentions with the “simulated pregnancy experience” were to better understand the challenges of carrying a baby while living out day to day routines.

He shared at the time that he would be wearing the 16-pound pregnancy belly to party meetings, parliamentary activities and to personal events.

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