Wednesday, August 10, 2022


I know you think i am nasty  rants ......but fuck!!!!!!...........why is it always white guys that do this dumb shit guys know its fucked  ....they just smoke weed.......... and go to strip club ..........well !!!!!!one less stupid guy using up our precious resources again .....well they whittle down the population of  idiots through a series of  really dumb shit .........cliff  jumping is not a good  hobby .......its  short lived......who the fuck wants to jump into water oblivion ......well it's a macho thing....... it has to be ..........i cannot any other  reason people  don't  do this  shit .....

Cliff jumper never surfaces after second jump into ‘rough surf,’ Wisconsin police say


After Curtis Wilmer jumped from a cliff into Lake Superior, authorities say the 41-year-old Wisconsin man decided to jump again.

He never resurfaced after the second jump.

The La Pointe Police Department and other first responders were called to Big Bay State Park at about 2:40 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 7, after Wilmer vanished in the water.

Authorities believe Wilmer, who was alone in the water, “succumbed (to) the rough surf conditions in the lake.”

His body was found at about 12:30 p.m. the next day, according to a news release.

“Weather and lake conditions are believed to be a factor in this incident,” police said.

Wilmer, of Eau Claire, was a member of the Bad River Tribe.

Several loved ones posted on social media that they will miss Wilmer, known for being a great friend to many.

“Fly High Curtis Wilmer,” Krista Rae wrote. “Gone Way Too Soon. You Will Be Missed By So Many. You Always Brightened Up The Room And Made People Smile And Laugh. So Very (grateful) That We Stayed In Touch These Last Few Years. And Talked Not Long Ago.. Until We Meet Again. Prayers To Your Friends And Family.”

“Seeing this news breaks me down,” Michael David wrote. “I will never forget that random Sunday at Missy’s when you said to me, ‘you look like a fun guy to hang out with.’ Outside of my work family you were the first person to really welcome me to the Eau Claire area.”

“As I sit here with tears in my eyes seeing all these posts, all I can think about is the fact that in every picture you have a smile on your face,” he continued. “You know how to light up the room and make everyone around you smile back. I will miss you man! I will be taking a Sambuca shot for you tonight.”

Curtis Wilmer you always treated me like another son anytime I was with you,” Garret Bratsven said. “Your jokes, laughs and simply living in the moment I’ll always remember about you.”

Big Bay State Park, on a northwest Wisconsin island, is located along the Lake Superior shoreline.

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