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James' death 'lengthy and painful,' says reporter who witnessed private autopsy

An autopsy of the punctured and carved body of Joe Nathan James Jr., who was executed by the state of Alabama in July, reveals that James suffered a “lengthy and painful death,” a reporter for a national magazine who witnessed the independent procedure concluded.

In an article from the Atlantic published early Sunday, Elizabeth Bruenig describes in detail the condition of James’ body — the multiple puncture wounds on his hands and wrists, the accordant bruising, the presence of incisions of varying depth along his left arm near his elbow — and reports the “dismayed” response from pathologists who reviewed the photos she took.

Bruenig attended the independent autopsy in Birmingham, funded by the human rights organization Reprieve US. The Advertiser has not seen the results of the independent autopsy nor any photos of the injuries referenced in the article.

Joe Nathan James Jr. was executed Thursday night after his conviction in the 1994 shooting death  of Faith Hall.
Joe Nathan James Jr. was executed Thursday night after his conviction in the 1994 shooting death of Faith Hall.

The state performed its own autopsy on James at the Mobile medical examiner's office after the execution. Results from the state's official autopsy are not yet available.

James was put to death for the 1994 killing of his former girlfriend, Faith Hall, of Birmingham. Prosecutors said he stalked and terrorized Hall for months before shooting her to death in her home.

The execution took place against the wishes of several members of Hall's family, including her children.

Having seen James' body, Bruenig wrote that it appeared Alabama Department of Corrections staff tried several times to insert IV catheters to deliver the lethal mixture into each of James’ hands, then his wrists, without success.

Jagged incisions farther up James' left arm indicate that ADOC staff tried to cut into James body to expose a vein for the injection, a practice that Joel Zivot, associate professor of anesthesiology and surgery at Emory University, described as a “stark departure from what would be done in a medical setting,” according to Bruenig's article.

Family speaks out: Sister of Joe Nathan James: Circumstances surrounding execution warrant an investigation

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