Tuesday, August 30, 2022

death 2 a continuation on festivals


Well there we go an continuation from the previous blog on drugs and festivals .........i know at 16 i was not  into drugs  i lived in a shithole....... were  drugs were  rampant .....and saw what the ravages do  ....but there you go!!!!!! .....drugs do not discriminate ....unlike human beings  ....they just kill ....they do not  care how good you are ......some of the greatest have  fallen to the inanimate pratice of drug abuse .......it'd sad that a poor kid  never really got the chance at life  .....but just another  statistic of the harrowing underworld ......and as long as there  are user  ....there woill be sellers  ....thats the nderbelly of  life  ......so until they stop either side   no one is  going to win ......just the dealers  ...and sometimes  they lose too .......


Schoolboy, 16, dies after ‘taking drugs’ at Leeds Festival as cops issue urgent warning

A SCHOOLBOY has died at Leeds Festival "after taking drugs", cops fear.

Police have launched an investigation following the death of the 16-year-old.

The teenager died at Leeds Festival
The teenager died at Leeds FestivalCredit: PA

Officers rushed to the festival's grounds at 10.16pm on Saturday following reports the boy had been taken to the medical tent after falling ill.

The teen was taken to the hospital but tragically died today.

His parents have been informed.

Assistant Chief Constable Catherine Hankinson of West Yorkshire Police, said: “Our thoughts are with the family of the boy who has died, and we have officers supporting them at this very difficult time.

“While the exact cause of his death is yet to be established, one line of enquiry is that he had taken a particular type of ecstasy (MDMA) tablet, which was described as a grey or black oblong shape.

“At this moment in time this is believed to be an isolated incident as we have not received any similar reports.

“Users of any drug which is not professionally prescribed can never be sure of their contents and the risks involved with taking the substance.

“Anyone who does feel ill after taking any substance should seek urgent medical attention."

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