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'Prices are horrendous': Bisbee struggles as housing prices soar in historic town

Bisbee residents will be the first to say how much they love living in their city. However, they will also be quick to add that housing in their lovely, quaint, historic city is quickly becoming unaffordable and options are disappearing.

Nestled in southern Arizona's Mule Mountains, Bisbee has quickly become a tourist attraction and was voted USA TODAY's best historic small town in 2016.

As word got out over the years about Bisbee's fun and open-minded atmosphere and its distance from the bustle of big city life, people began to settle in Bisbee.

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bisbee's housing market erupted with house prices soaring and rental prices increasing. Since then, housing options have almost disappeared as people from out-of-town flushed with cash purchased houses there.


Mayor Ken Budge said Bisbee is primarily a tourist town, but for many of the town’s service and low-wage workers, Bisbee is becoming more unaffordable.

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Dale Morris, who works at CafĂ© Roka on Main Street, said he noticed rental prices started increasing right before the start of the pandemic.

“Probably a year or so before COVID, it started to get worse,” he said. “You used to be able to find a house to rent for $500 per month. I’m barely able to afford the house I’m living in for $900 per month.”

Morris moved farther out of town to the Saginaw/Lowell area, neighborhoods on the other side of the former Copper Queen mine.

While Saginaw is an eight-minute drive from downtown historic Bisbee, often called "old Bisbee," it can take about a 45-minute walk down the serpentine road that borders the mine and connects historic Bisbee with its other neighborhoods.

Morris was previously homeless and qualified for funding through Rapid Re-Housing, a statewide federally funded program that offers housing assistance to people in need.

Morris said he received funding for rent that will last for nine months. He is also on a waitlist for low-income housing, however, it often takes years to get off the list, according to housing advocates. Morris said he has been seventh on the waitlist for two years.


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