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out of good ...comes bad

 TIS a shame out of good comes bad ....a good  deed  backfired ......shame  but she tried  ......pity the show  could not help her  more  .....but thats showbiz.....

Single Mom Is Evicted After Getting The Ultimate House Revamp On ‘Extreme Makeover'

Published on July 10, 2022

Arlene Nickless was the lucky woman who got her house remodeled by the popular show ‘Extreme Makeover’ where hundreds of volunteers turned up to help with the construction. The episode was aired on national TV for the whole country to see the special reveal at the end.

Arlene couldn’t have been happier after getting her dream house, especially given the tragic circumstances in her life that producers knew they had a chance to help with. But sadly, all the good from the makeover wouldn't last long.

New and Improved

After 18 years of marriage, Arlene's husband Tim had died suddenly and tragically. In the aftermath of his passing, the Nickless family was selected by the show 'Extreme Makeover'. Arlene was trying her best to raise her three kids all on her own which compelled the producers over at ABC to help the widowed mom.



Arlene’s ever so helpful neighbors pitched in with their support, and made it possible for her to get her 3200 square-foot house transformed into the home she always wanted. But even though the makeover was free, it still came at a cost no one saw coming.



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