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Well sorry folks but i could not resist this one ..........SUCKS TO  BE THEM ........yes i know i am going to hell ...........but they keep sending me back  ....goody goody  gum drops ......

Spontaneous sinkhole sucks in two men at a company pool party, Israeli police say

Photo from Israel Fire and Rescue Authority

Two men were sucked into a sinkhole that appeared during a company pool party, Israel authorities said. Rescue crews feared the sinkhole would collapse further as they aided the injured man and searched for the body of the other.

The missing man’s body was eventually recovered, authorities said, and his cause of death has not been determined.

The incident unfolded as about 50 people were at a marketing company’s pool party on Thursday, July 21, at a house in the central Israeli town of Karmei Yosef, about 20 miles southeast of Tel-Aviv, Times of Israel reported.

The sinkhole suddenly emerged at the bottom of the in-ground pool, according to Israel Fire and Rescue Authorities.

Video of the incident showed the sinkhole growing quickly, draining the pool and pulling inflatable toys into its vortex. The collapsing ground created a hole nearly 50 feet deep, WLTX reported.

Six people were in the pool at the time, four managed to escape but two men were sucked into the sinkhole, Newsweek reported.

One man managed to climb out, suffering minor injuries, Ynet reported.

Authorities searched for the other man for hours, Times of Israel reported. They brought in a rescue dog with a camera to help, but the search proved difficult and dangerous. When the sinkhole opened, it created tunnels underneath the surrounding structures, WLTX reported. Authorities reinforced the tunnels, afraid they too would collapse.

The rescue crew then recovered the man’s body and identified him as Klil Kimhi, 32, of Tel Aviv, Newsweek reported. Authorities do not know if the man was drowned, crushed, or killed from his fall.


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