Saturday, June 11, 2022

I am glad


Well i am glad to hear this ....bullfighting is the  most despicable sport ever ......its not even a  sport ....its a cowardly practice done  by  gutless servile  bastards .......that deserve  to be  gored and  die ......i hate the  whole thing ....bull fighters are  just fucking  cowardly spine less pricks......  but if you are an  empty  headed  fuckwit tourist...... and paid  to watch and  animal  gored to are  no  better ....than these  servile pricks ......its nice to see a human being  being gored does not make  it better .....but it helps ........ 

Mexico City ban on bullfighting extended indefintely

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A judge extended a ban on bullfighting in Mexico City indefinitely, raising the likelihood that the season will be cancelled at what claims to be the world’s largest remaining venue.

La Plaza Mexico, as the stadium is know, issued a statement Friday calling on fans to protest the ruling. The stadium urged bullfight supports to post pictures of themselves with the word “freedom” written on their hands.

The company said it would appeal the ruling.

“The company will postpone the scheduled bullfights and novilladas and will continue with legal defense of Mexican customs and traditions, to the full extent the law allows,” Plaza Mexico said in a statement.


However, a higher court has already rejected one appeal against the ruling. Further hearings must be held on whether to uphold the ban, or make it permanent.

The judge originally decreed a temporary ban in May, based on complaints that bullfights violated resident’s rights to a healthy environment free from violence.

Bull fights had been scheduled at the city’s main professional ring in July and September, according to previous announcements.

The decision threatens to mark the end of almost 500 years of bullfighting in Mexico.

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  I have said it now and will say it again ....sharks  do not like us on any level.........going into the  water  today is  dangerous .........