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confession behind the double swing doors


You should never  ever trust your waiter or upset them.....because they are the ones in charge f your food ....i was a  waiter on 3 occasions ......and the stuff i saw and heard it was  pretty scary me if you are going to be  a cunt make sure you have all your food  eaten ....i have seen waiters  do dome  really really and i mean really despicable things to food  to a customer .....people do not think it happens  but  it really really does ...not to mention the cook or  chef  ....most of them are addicts  usually ....i have never seen a  normal one  yet that does  not drink smoke or  do something .....very few  are clean ........maybe i was unlucky  but they  are under  a  lot of stress.....

But if you saw road trip and  kyle ....with the french toast ....i saw  worse than that  .....i am always  nice to waiters  but  now  restaurants are getting  bad  and  expensive .....iid luck  on your  food .....yum yum  piggies  bum

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Waitress sparks debate after revealing her biggest customer pet peeves: ‘People just stare at you like you’re crazy’

A waitress has sparked an animated discussion after airing her biggest on-the-job pet peeves.

For almost a year, a 24-year-old TikToker, Lizzy Smith (@c0_0l__) has used the app to chronicle her experiences in the service industry. Her most popular videos give insight into the customer behavior that annoys wait staff the most.

What is inflation and what causes it?

TikTok is full of content from service industry workers, who often raise issues that others may not be aware of.

Starbucks baristas have shared their wildest drink orders, including one that was literally too big for the blenderRestaurant workers have been sharing their daily earnings at places like Waffle House and Hooters.

One of Smith’s most popular clips shows the waitress reenacting her biggest pet peeves in real time.


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