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Well good luck on that one

  When iot comes to life over property and the prices of homes in SO Flo ......i don't think people will be  giving a flying fuck about who died lons as they can get a beautiful property .....its only souls after all right ...realtors are not  going to  be dwelling on dead bodies ........... when trying sell multimillion  dollars coondos .....they are not going to hammer  the  death scene  when  trying  to close  on a  nice   commission ........realtors  do not  have souls ......never  had  never  will they  are  financial vultures  ....they  may tell you know   bit i have   dealt  with these  cunts  and  they are cunts  of  financial  epic  proportions  its  a soul less  business  with big  commisions ........ Site of collapsed Surfside Condo in Miami bought by Trump business partner for $120 million Ryan Hogg Sun, May 22, 2022, 10:33 AM In this article: Donald Trump 45th President of the United States Hussain Sajwani Emirati businessman The Miami Herald reported that Hussa

what would you expect .......

  WhAT ELSE WOULD YOU EXPECT..... 1 killed, 8 wounded in shooting at Southern California party Sat, May 21, 2022, 1:01 PM LOS ANGELES (AP) — One man was killed and eight people were wounded during an overnight shooting at a party that drew about 100 people to a Southern California hookah lounge, police said Saturday. San Bernardino police officers dispatched late Friday found a man shot in the parking lot outside the strip mall lounge, where the party had been advertised on social media in the city east of Los Angeles, Sgt. Equino Thomas said. The man, Allen Gresham, 20, was pronounced dead at the scene, a police statement said. Eight people who were shot and wounded were treated at hospitals. Some were taken by ambulance and others went on their own, he said. Police said their injuries did not appear to be life-threatening. Two people were detained and one was arrested on suspicion of possessing a 

t surprised are you ..........................................

  Like i have always saud about socail media brings nothing but trouble and the lowest of human beings  out .......its social media a platform of  servile filth Popular OnlyFans Model Fatally Stabbed Boyfriend in Miami, but Lawyer Says It Was Self-Defense Courtney Clenney, 25, allegedly attacked Christian "Toby" Obumseli earlier this month in a luxury high-rise condominium. More than a week later, no criminal charges have been filed By  Kyler Alvord April 12, 2022 11:23 AM advertisement FB Tweet More Christian "Toby" Obumseli was a week away from celebrating his 28th birthday when he was fatally stabbed inside a Miami condominium on April 3, allegedly by his girlfriend, popular OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney. Authorities arrived at the scene of the alleged attack just before 5 p.m. They discovered a woman in the residence with Obumseli, according to a  statement  from the Miami Police Department. She was promptly interviewed by detectives — but after a week

not surprised.........................are you !!!!!!

  I always thought he was a dodgy looking fucker ....maybe the pony tail and crocs.....he looked  nauncy odd looking fucker  but no matter how famous you are does not  give you carte blanche to think you can  dip your sausage in the gravy .....especailly today women are so into the times up and  the other  thingy ......think before you sink.....look at ron jeremy porn star thought he  could ........but turns out even porn stars can be  charged  with sexual assault a business of whores ....go figure ......... Trial of celebrity chef Mario Batali is set to begin in Boston Boston 25 News Staff,ASSOCIATED PRESS Fri, May 6, 2022, 11:56 AM Jury selection gets underway Monday in the trial of Mario Batali on a sexual misconduct charge. The celebrity chef is accused of indecent assault and battery connected to a 2017 incident at a Boston restaurant. Batali is accused of forcibly kissing and groping a woman after taking a selfie with her. Batali faces a maximum sentence of 2.

confession behind the double swing doors

  You should never  ever trust your waiter or upset them.....because they are the ones in charge f your food ....i was a  waiter on 3 occasions ......and the stuff i saw and heard it was  pretty scary me if you are going to be  a cunt make sure you have all your food  eaten ....i have seen waiters  do dome  really really and i mean really despicable things to food  to a customer .....people do not think it happens  but  it really really does ...not to mention the cook or  chef  ....most of them are addicts  usually ....i have never seen a  normal one  yet that does  not drink smoke or  do something .....very few  are clean ........maybe i was unlucky  but they  are under  a  lot of stress..... But if you saw road trip and  kyle ....with the french toast ....i saw  worse than that  .....i am always  nice to waiters  but  now  restaurants are getting  bad  and  expensive .....iid luck  on your  food .....yum yum  piggies  bum Close this content, you can also use the Escape key