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Well all i can say ...if you are going to annoy the baddest man on the planet deserve a fucking beating .......its mike tyson .......only a fucking retard would pick a fight with him ......really!!!!!!

Video shows Mike Tyson unloading punches on passenger in wild plane incident

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    Mike Tyson
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Somebody was dumb enough to aggravate Mike Tyson and paid the price for it.

Video obtained by TMZ shows Tyson on an airplane, leaned over the back of his seat and throwing a flurry of punches down at someone. That someone, according to TMZ, was an “extremely intoxicated” unidentified man who wouldn’t stop bothering Tyson, who at first took a selfie with the man and apparently was OK with his behavior – until he wasn’t and unloaded on him.

You can watch the video here:


Video: Mike Tyson stays calm as man pulls gun at comedy show

As you can see from the video, the man was bloodied but extremely fortunate to still be conscious after absorbing multiple punches from MIKE TYSON.

According to TMZ, Tyson walked off the plane seconds later, and the man received medical attention and spoke to police about the incident but nothing further.

Pull a gun in front of Mike Tyson at a comedy show, and he stays calm. But annoy him at your own risk, people.

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