Friday, April 29, 2022

well fucking surprise


Is anyone shocked by this ....i am not  par for the course  getting slammed in the  shitter  by were  warned  but did not listen ......if it is anything th the govt know its  going to go tits up .......jusr a fucking fact 

Covid deaths no longer overwhelmingly among unvaccinated as toll on elderly grows

In this article:
  • George Washington
    1st president of the United States (1732−1799)

WASHINGTON — Unvaccinated people accounted for the overwhelming majority of deaths in the United States throughout much of the coronavirus pandemic. But that has changed in recent months, according to a Washington Post analysis of state and federal data.

The pandemic's toll is no longer falling almost exclusively on those who chose not to get shots, with vaccine protection waning over time and the elderly and immunocompromised - who are at greatest risk of succumbing to covid-19, even if vaccinated - having a harder time dodging increasingly contagious strains.

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Thursday, April 28, 2022

new frankie G


                      Frankie G.....CINEMA

once in a  blue moon i get to meet musical genius .....but here is Frankie G a musical genius .......

Frankie Grittani is  a  musical genius whose performance and talent continuously seen and heard and experienced  by his fans. his music is labelled  by many as a never ending journey of enlightening power....

Frankie grittani formally studied at Julliard school where he quickly earned a  reputation as a musical genius ....within the professional; musical community .....

his status was  achieved through a  combination of composing brilliant music and spectacular performances ....frankie grittani the former owner of golden fleece  records inc. long island new York...

Frankie was  mentioned in numerous publications of rolling stone magazine. In an article he received  recognition as being one of the best keyboard players ......better than keith emmerson...from  emmerson lake and palmer ........


rolling stone magazine  also recognizes him a being a world class performer a top producer. And overall respected member of the musicians community 

Frankie has worked in conjunction with it is  easy to notice music superstars  as a singing coach a dance instructor  promoter. Upon hearing his powerful music it is easy to notice  his talent coupled with originality and creativity .that no other artist possesses

the power behind his  music  sends  enlightening energy and a dominant vibe that travels  beyond mere pop is no secret that Columbia records  affirmed  that there always  will be  an open door  policy for Frankie grittani.......Frankie grittani is  always welcome .....

frankie grittani wrote the music  and conducted the choreography for  the  play cyclotron  with the participation of one of the beatles john ;

lennon , he was also the lead  musician of  give my regards to braodway Goerge m an  orchestra member ....he performed and appeared in the johnny carson show .....

Frankie grittani most recently was invited to perform on stage during a  a billy joels show  ..other celebrities  that Frankie has worked with....the great tito puete.....kathy tricolli..great master of  jazz funk chick corea...1st chance ......amazing sal sol orchestra....and many many other  well known artists ......Frankie  grittani has  also conducted  several  musical classical concerts  at many theatres and cultural art centers ......

Mr grittani was also labelled as a world class organist after musical critics viewed Frankie playing jazz songs he wrote  and played on the Hammond  B3 organ..... the totality of  his  work  is endless...... however a glimpse of the above mentioned .will allow you to comprehend  the  masterwork of a musical genuis 

    the mind of  franki grittanni 

stupid is as stupid does


Well all i can say good riddance to fucking stupid.....33 people have died in this  dumb craft would  think  oh !!!!!let me see  i would  like  electrified wood and  maybe  die ........fucking dumb bastards ....i only see one   person die  electrifying wood....and  that's that.....  project  fucking stalled  ....let me tell you ..........i  do not  need  electrified  looking wood  that badly  to show off  to  fuckers  whom i do not  like .....i do not care  for  shitty wood  on a  wall ........there is  no  medals  for  stupid  cunts in the hall of  fame  stupid  cunts  usually end  up   dead  like  these   33  fuckers ......i bet you these  33 cunts are standing at the  pearly gates  trying to explain why they were  fucking idiots and how they wanted  to have wood  with  forks of  lightning going through it to show  their friends  at dinner  parties .....that's 33 wankers  less  consuming  precious  resources

A Wisconsin couple died from electrocution after attempting a viral crafting technique called fractal wood burning

Wood planks have unusual fractal lightning patterns via high voltage wood burning.
Wood planks have unusual fractal lightning patterns via high voltage wood lichtenburg burning.Susan Vineyard/iStock/Getty Images
  • A Wisconsin couple died after attempting a viral crafting technique called fractal wood burning.

  • The process uses high-voltage transformers to run electrical currents through chemical-soaked wood.

  • Thirty-three people have died from fractal wood burning since 2017.

A Wisconsin couple died from electrocution after attempting a viral art technique in their garage, officials said last week.

The bodies of Tanya Rodriguez, 44, and James Carolfi, 52, were discovered earlier this month in their garage after officers responded to a fire at their house in Marathon County, Wisconsin.

In a statement last Thursday, the Marathon County Sheriff's Office said the couple died prior to the fire in their home while doing a crafting technique called "fractal" or "lichtenburg" wood burning.

"Foul play has been ruled out and the deaths were found to be accidental in nature and are believed to be caused by electrocution from fractal wood burning — a technique in which high-voltage electricity is used to burn lightning or tree-like patterns into wood that has been soaked in a chemical solution," the department said in the statement.

"Through the investigation, it was determined that the fire started in the garage before spreading to the home," the department continued. "We believe that the fractal wood burning equipment that caused the electrocutions likely caused the fire."

The technique — which involves using a high-voltage transformer, often repurposed from a microwave — is employed by woodworkers to decorate various wooden items, including decor items and wooden cutting boards.

Videos of the process have gone viral on social media platforms including TikTok, with #woodturning and #woodburning garnering hundreds of millions of views on the popular video app.

Friday, April 22, 2022


Ask me do i give a fuck know the answer

The Obamas' younger daughter is seeing a Hollywood actor's son, plus more celebrity kids who've dated other stars' children

Marisa Laudadio - 5h ago

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  I had no idea it was a bitter sweet thing with coke .......and today it has been linked to diabetes......... and  i am not sure why it see...