Friday, July 30, 2021

gamblers ......

 You see ...the addiction of  gambling .....people will even let their kids  die  ...for a  chance  to make money ......i hope he goes  to jail and gets raped every single  day and  gets  blood farts ......aids  .....and  covid .....and  delta ........and the other one ........

Nevada dad leaves baby in car in 100-degree heat to gamble at Vegas casino, police say

A man is facing child abuse charges after leaving his 6-month-old son inside a vehicle amid triple-digit temperatures outside while he went inside a Nevada casino to gamble, police said.

The father, Mitchell Hooks, was arrested by North Vegas police officers after the baby was rescued during the July 16 incident.

He is charged with child abuse or neglect and leaving a child unattended in a motor vehicle.

"Mitchell told me he shouldn’t have done what he did and that he deserved anything that was coming to him," Officer Osvaldo Cerda-Guzman wrote in the police report obtained by Fox News. "He went on to say that there was no excuse for it and no reason for it."


A woman informed security at the Bighorn Casino that a crying baby was left alone inside a vehicle parked next to hers. When security personnel responded, they found the driver's-side window rolled down four inches, police said.

All the other windows were up.

They called the police department around 10:19 p.m. As he arrives at the scene, Cerda-Guzman's police body camera shows Sgt. Becky Salkoff pouring cold water on the baby's head as he cries in an effort to cool him down.

Salkoff and responding paramedics can be heard saying the child was still very warm.

Cerda-Guzman said he approached the vehicle and saw the baby with tears rolling down his face. He noted the temperature outside was about 100 degrees with 14% humidity.

When officers found Hooks, they asked him if he was the owner of the vehicle. He allegedly responded by saying: "I know I'm in trouble," according to the police report. He said the vehicle was unlocked.

"I made a mistake. I went in there and I gambled," he allegedly said. "I came out 30 minutes later."

Hooks said he went inside the casino to use the bathroom after dropping off the boy's sister at a friend's house, police said.

Surveillance footage from the casino shows Hooks arriving in the parking lot at 9:46 p.m. and entering the casino a minute later.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

social media ....thanks


This just goes to show you the low  life  filthy scum that  social media  has  created ....not to mention the kids   prob ably have no father  or   barely a mother  .......but social media  is  just creating nothing but fucking dirtbags ....not to mention that coupled  with shit kids  shit parents ......this is  what  we have  now   people  just lowering their  lives  to that of a  fucking rat fact  a   rat  has   principles   unless  this  filth ......i hope  they get  jailed  .....and  molested,,,,,,,,,,

texas teens find dead man's body, steal his jewelry and post it all on Snapchat: police

Two Texas teen girls discovered the remains of a 25-year-old man, stole his jewelry and posted video of the macabre act to Snapchat, police say.

The man is believed to have hanged himself in a Medina Valley drainage ditch.

The girls, 17 and 16 years old, face felony charges of theft from a human corpse in connection with the Monday morning incident, according to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.


Homicide investigators said they had ruled out foul play and believed the man’s death was a suicide. He was found hanging from roadside railing by "what appeared to be a shirt," according to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

After the girls stumbled onto the body, they called another friend who called 911 at around 8:38 a.m. Monday, according to investigators.

The teens told deputies they were walking to a local gas station and saw something in the drainage ditch. They went closer to take a look and found the victim.

But on Tuesday, investigators said they learned of a video circulating on social media that showed the scene before deputies arrived.

It allegedly showed the 17-year-old taking a gold necklace off the dead man’s chest, according to FOX San Antonio. The video was sent anonymously to Bexar County Sheriff’s deputies.

Investigators saw the older teen and said they recognized her as a witness at the scene. According to an arrest affidavit, the friend told them she did it because the necklace "matched her fashion style."

The 17-year-old was identified as Bethany Martin in an arrest affidavit, KSAT-TV reported. The 16-year-old is not being named because she is a juvenile.

The girls allegedly admitted to stealing the necklace, but investigators said they only kept the charm. Authorities have not recovered the chain.

The girls surrendered the pendant and deputies returned it to the man’s family, according to FOX 29.

The girls were charged with theft from a human corpse. The older one was arrested Tuesday night and was released on $2,000 bond as of Wednesday afternoon, jail records show. The 16-year-old was not listed on the county inmate roster.


Hopefully its joe bidens ass.............sorry folks i know  he is the  president ....... but i could not resist this  one 

Jill Biden undergoing procedure to remove object from foot

Jill Biden undergoing procedure to remove object from foot
In this article:

First lady Jill Biden will undergo a procedure to remove an object from her foot, her office announced on Thursday.

Biden, 70, is being treated at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, with her husband, President Joe Biden, in tow, said Michael LaRosa, the first lady's spokesman.

“Last weekend, prior to her two official events in Hawaii, the First Lady stepped on an object on the beach which became lodged in her left foot. She will undergo a procedure today at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to remove the object. The President will join her," he said in a statement released to the media.


Biden's office did not share more details about the object or the severity of the injury, but White House chief of staff Ron Klain said Biden stepped on a "sharp" object.

"Dr. Biden, while she was in Hawaii coming back from Japan for the Olympics — she made some stops there to encourage vaccinations. While she was out walking, she stepped on a sharp object, and so she is going to go to Walter Reed this afternoon and have that object removed," he told MSNBC.

Scott Bixby, White House reporter for the Daily Beast, said in a tweet that the object might be part of a sea urchin or a seashell, "but nobody seems to know for sure."

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 I do sincerely hope  someone   strangles this  prick  for what he  did ....pos ......somone must have a  daughter  this  bastard  needs  his  skull racked 

Report: Larry Nassar has spent $10,000 on himself in prison, but paid victims only $300

Former Olympic team doctor Larry Nassar spent more than $10,000 on himself while in prison for criminal sexual conduct, paying $300 in restitution towards his victims, per a Wednesday court filing obtained by the Washington Post.

Driving the news: Since being imprisoned in 2018, Nassar received deposits totaling $12,825 into his prison bank account — including two pandemic stimulus checks totaling $2,000. He has paid about $100 per year in court-ordered penalties to his victims, the Post reported.

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  • Nassar's government-run prison account is intended to cover things such as commissary items and phone and email expenses.

  • The disgraced former doctor spent about $10,000 since his incarceration, and per the court filing, has roughly $2,000 left in his account, WashPost notes.

  • "Nassar has paid approximately $8.33 toward his criminal monetary penalties per month, despite receiving deposits into his account over this period totaling $12,825.00," the court filing states.

Of note: In the Wednesday court filing prosecutors asked a federal judge to turn over the remaining money in his account to make restitution payments towards five child victims of his child pornography possession, according to AP.

  • Nassar still owes about $57,000 in court-ordered restitution payments and a $5,000 special assessment debt, AP reports.

Why it matters: The case highlights a baffling program at the Federal Bureau of Prisons that enables inmates to stash astounding sums of money in government-run deposit accounts, as reported by WashPost last month.

  • The money in these accounts are "shielded from court orders for things like child support, alimony or other debts, and not subject to the same scrutiny as accounts owned by non-incarcerated citizens," per WashPost.

What they're saying: John Manly, a lawyer for many of Nassar's victims, including Simone Biles, told WashPost: "They’re allowing the worst child predator in American history to spend thousands of dollars on himself and pay $8 a month to his victims,"

  • "Something is completely broken and needs to be fixed."

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well at least


Well at least this one is  not called after  fucking  mexican beer..... or a fucking shitty airline ..........filled  with ragged out stewardesses is  just  a pile of  fucking numbers ......doesn't sound  bad to me  ......and stop saying we  are all in this  together ..........

Another coronavirus variant has reached Florida. Here's what you need to know.

College students from Iowa enjoy their time on Clearwater Beach during Spring Break, as the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic continues, in Clearwater, Florida, U.S. March 19, 2021. REUTERS/Octavio Jones

A coronavirus variant discovered in Colombia is showing up among patients in South Florida, increasing infections and putting health officials on alert as calls grow louder for unvaccinated individuals to get inoculated.

Carlos Migoya, CEO of Jackson Health System, told WPLG in Miami earlier this week that the B.1.621 variant has accounted for about 10% of coronavirus patients, trailing behind delta, the now dominant variant in the United States that's been ravaging the nation's unvaccinated, and the gamma variant. B.1.621 has yet to receive a Greek-letter designation as more prominent variants have.

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Migoya told the news station that he speculated B.1.621 is likely rising in South Florida because of international travel between Colombia and Miami, which serves as a gateway to Latin America.

Related video: CDC urges masks for vaccinated people in COVID hot spots 

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A person who replied to an email sent from The Washington Post to Migoya's office said he was unavailable to comment.

Health experts will keep B.1.621 on their radar as the fall season looms and as parts of the country still lag in their vaccination efforts, experts told The Post.

The earliest documented samples of B.1.621 were noted in January, and at least 16 cases have been recently reported in the United Kingdom, where health officials have noted that the majority of cases linked to the variant were the result of international travel.

Public Health England noted last week that there is currently no evidence to indicate that the variant causes more severe disease or evades the efficacy of vaccines. Yet, the agency has designated the variant to be under investigation as it continues to conduct lab testing to better understand the impact mutations have on the coronavirus.

The European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has also chosen to assign the variant as one of interest, as evidence could suggest significant impact, but also noting that much of the data is preliminary and marked with many questions.


  I had no idea it was a bitter sweet thing with coke .......and today it has been linked to diabetes......... and  i am not sure why it see...