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i am not sure about anyone  else  but  not only is  new york fucking expensive and  has  lots and  lots  of  social problems has  fucking mice in whole foods ......i like new york ....but not that much ........but hey  the ,mice  are  just  looking out for   SNACK IN MANHATTAN ....its  fucking expensive  there  cant say i blame them ........

A mouse was filmed nibbling on a piece of veal osso bucco inside a Whole Foods deli counter in New York City

Kiara Keane
A mouse chewing on meat inside a deli counter.
Brittany Ellis filmed a mouse eating meat inside the deli counter. @DefineBritt/TikTok
  • A shopper filmed a mouse eating meat from a Whole Foods deli counter, NBC New York reports.

  • Brittany Ellis' TikTok video of the encounter has been viewed more than 2.2 million times.

  • Whole Foods said it "immediately removed and disposed of all products in the case."

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A mouse has been filmed eating raw meat from inside a Whole Foods deli counter in Manhattan, NBC New York reports.

Brittany Ellis said she was shopping at the Columbus Circle Whole Foods when she spotted a mouse chewing on the piece of veal Osso Bucco inside the butcher case and filmed the encounter.

Ellis shared a video of the incident on TikTok on May 24 along with the caption: "But why was there a whole mouse in Whole Foods!!!" which has since been viewed more than 2.2 million times.


@wholefoodsofficials you doing bad guys not what I wanted to see today!!!!

♬ original sound - DefineBritt

"I'm just there trying to get someone's attention, that's when I pulled out my phone and started recording because it was one in a million - a mouse was just munching away," Ellis told NBC New York on Friday.

"It made my skin crawl, I'm a big germaphobe," she added.

Ellis said she was shopping with her mother at the time and left the store after spotting the rodent. "I just want people to be aware of the situation, and something needs to be done," she added.

A Whole Foods Market spokesperson told Insider that they were taking the situation very seriously and that they "immediately removed and disposed of all products in the case, performed a deep cleaning, and brought in a third-party service for a thorough inspection."

They added that the store "diligently followed our detailed protocol in response and continues to work closely with our food safety system."

The mouse was chewing on osso bucco veal in the TikTok clip, which costs $22.99 a pound, according to the New York Post.

Workers at the deli counter said on Friday that they had no idea how the rodent got inside the case, the publication added.

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