Tuesday, February 2, 2021

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You see what i was saying  ...cowards ...all tough until someone  dies...... and gets fucked up proper fucked up ......now they will all rat on each other  .....because jail and blood farts is a bad  thought to wake up to every morning ....waking up in a  jail cell........ and being someones  soap dish is no fun .....

I  bet your balls to a barn dance...... not one of these fools woke up that morning thinking that what they were about to do was legal ......any fool knows a govt building is not place to storm its  just a known fact ........and worst of all the capitol building......i know donald said to them  but does everyone do what they are told or listen .......i will tell you this if i was there  ...which i would not have been  for  germophobe purposes ......but i certainly would know that that would have been a  problem storming a govt building for sure .......but now they are all in barney .....barney rubble ......trouble .........and it could be jail time  instead of  being for  one  one day of  stupidity ....and now they are all going to shit on  eat  other .......tells  you about that patriotism huh !!!!!!!not good  ....but if you are looking ata  decade of  raping and  blood  farts  .....you are going to sing  like a budgie in a cage ...simple simple ...... dolly dimple ..........i bet they never  thought they were  going to the clink  for one  day ......donald is'nt........... so who are the fools  ....all tough guys now .........

It looks like some Capitol rioters are taking plea deals and agreeing to sell each other out

Jacob Shamsian
capitol siege riot ladder
  • Legal experts think some of the people charged in the Capitol riot may be cooperating with federal prosecutors.

  • The Daily Beast identified several charged with an information rather than a grand jury indictment.

  • An information charge usually means someone plans to plead guilty, and often indicates cooperation.

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Federal prosecutors are nearly a month into their investigations into people who stormed the Capitol building on January 6, filing charges against more than 200 people so far.

Court records indicate some of those people may be informing the FBI about other participants, according to The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast identified three people who had been subjected to a charging instrument called an information, rather than a grand jury indictment.

An information is a type of charging instrument prosecutors typically use when the defendant plans to plead guilty.

According to Randy Zelin, a criminal defense attorney at Wilk Auslander LLP and adjunct professor at Cornell Law School, it also typically means the defendant is cooperating with government prosecutors.

"If the government is drawing up an information, and someone is working this out with the government, more often than not, that means that they're cooperating and entered into a cooperation agreement with the government," Zelin told Insider.

It's not yet certain if the individuals charged with informations are necessarily cooperating, or have just agreed to plead guilty without a cooperation agreement. Prosecutors don't furnish the full list of witnesses until shortly before the trial begins.

"Generally speaking, cooperative agreements are sealed, because the very essence of a cooperation agreement is that you are cooperating against someone else," Zelin said. "And the government doesn't want that other defendant to know who the cooperators are."

Capitol riot
Protesters broke into Capitol Building on January 06, 2021. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

But prosecutors are sure to seek the cooperation of at least some of the 200-plus people charged. Former Justice Department prosecutor Neama Rahman told The Daily Beast it's unlikely for prosecutors to charge someone with an information unless plea negotiations are underway.

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you see

  I hate to say this  but as a hot blooded straight normal male ....and a pig .....of course ....you cannot  trust anyone......  especially ...