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Supply and demand

 I will say it now and  again and again long as there are  users .....there will be suppliers cannot fault the suppliers  they are merely supplying the need  of the weak ....if there was no drug users  ....there would be no drug dealers ......its simple .......but  its a  revolving  criminal enterprise , will never  stop and  as  as american love their  drugs  ....the cartels  will willing help them enjoy them ........its   just like cocaine  ....if no one  took  cocaine there would be no drug dealers  ...but americans  love their  chooch ...white one point  pablo escobar was  sending tons to america go  figure.....wall street  love the stuff so  does all the finance  institutions .....its  an american right of  passage  to snort i guess .....i do not know  i  do not partake  in anything that makes  me  paranoid is  bad  enough  without that shit ..... but  as long as people  keep spooning that shit there will be  cartels   selling ....and  making it  will never  stop,......its simple dynamics and  demand  ...unless america  makes it a deterrent to  snort by death penalty the cartels will keep flourishing .....its a business stop the users ....stop the cartels ....

Mexico's Sinaloa cartel built an empire on cocaine, but it's betting on another drug to feed US appetites

Luis Chaparro
Mexico Sinaloa drug lab
  • The powerful Sinaloa cartel built an empire by smuggling cocaine through Mexico to the US.

  • But the cartel is shifting its focus to a new, more potent drug to keep up with changing US appetites.

  • At a lab in Sinaloa's heartland, cartel members told Insider how they're working to keep US drug users hooked.

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Culiacán, MEXICO - Mexico's powerful Sinaloa cartel built an empire on cocaine, but it's shifting its focus to a new, more powerful drug in in response to changing demand in the US.

Although the cartel, known for its now-jailed kingpin, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, is still a huge distributor of cocaine in the US, the organization is betting on fentanyl to feed the demand for opioids north of the border while keeping the cartel on top in Mexico.

Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid analgesic similar to morphine but 50 to 100 times more potent, according to US authorities. Mexican drug cartels add fentanyl to heroin to boost its potency and raise its market value.

On a recent trip to Sinaloa state on Mexico's Pacific coast, Insider got access to a fentanyl laboratory operated by the Sinaloa cartel.

The laboratory was a rudimentary improvised tent a couple of hours outside of Culiacán, Sinaloa's capital city. The set-up included a huge cooking pot, a homemade press, and some laboratory tools. It took a trip by highway, a switch from a car to an off-road pickup truck, and a short walk into a dry forest to get there.

Mexico Sinaloa drug lab

The lab was occupied by five men: a cook, three helpers and an armed lookout in charge of the two-way radio communications. All were dressed in green camouflage uniforms.

They have operated fentanyl and heroin labs since 2019, when the cartel decided to leave marijuana crops and poppy fields aside to meet the new demand.

"Our client base at the other side [of the border] don't want the old black chiva anymore," said a cartel member in charge of the illegal lab, referring to Mexican black tar heroin.


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