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Well i hope this sends  a message to all these  racist bitches ....who  think they can just accuse  someone  without  evidence  willy nilly .......hope she gets  jailed  .....teach her a lesson ......just because a guy is  black and you lost your phone .......i hope he sues her  too ........all these  karens  need  to knock off that shit ....if their  husbands  banged them  more and fucked  some sense into them  .....we  would not be having this problem

‘SoHo Karen’ taken to court with feet shackled

Renee G

Miya Ponsetto is next due in criminal court on March 29

Miya Ponsetto aka “SoHo Karen” has had numerous run-ins with the law this year, and she has a history of showing her disdain for law enforcement by throwing tantrums and making it difficult for cops to haul her in.

But on Saturday, officers took extra precautions and applied restraints to her wrists and ankles, ensuring that she wouldn’t be able to get away.

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On Dec. 26. Ponsetto falsely accused14-year-old Keyon Harrold Jr. of stealing her iPhone and subsequently attacked him in the lobby of a New York hotel, theGriopreviously reported.

On Saturday, flanked by two detectives, the shackled 22-year-old was led out of a NYC police precinct in lower Manhattan and escorted to a waiting vehicle, which was set to take her to Manhattan Criminal Court.

While en route to the Red Hook Community Justice Center, Ponsetto wore a face mask, a beanie, black leggings and Birkenstocks — clad similarly to the way she was dressed when she attacked the Black teen at the Arlo Hotel in SoHo.

At her court appearance for her attempted robbery and attempted assault charges, Ponsetto did not enter a plea and was released with the order to stay away from both Harrold, Sr. and his son. According to the New York Post,she’s next due in criminal court on March 29.

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Earlier this week, Ben Crump, attorney for Keyon Jr.’s parents, told TMZ Live there are two justice systems in this country, and that Black people often get the short end of the stick when authorities pursue justice on their behalf. Crump made it clear that he and Keyon, Jr.’s parents want Ponsetto charged with a hate crime.


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