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well I have to say ....I personally thought this was a  hoax ...until I got  sick ........really really sick is no joke .......I just got re tested  and hopefully I am clear  but it is  really bad I thought I was  going to croak ......I tested  positive  and  felt  like I was in the deliverance movie is  not fun ......I am just waiting  to hear from my 2nd  result's   really is no joke ........thanks china  ....fuckers I hope  people start to sue your ass.....I can only testify to the  severeness of this disease ....I walked away from this virus.........some not so lucky................

Joe Luna, L.A. comedian known as Joe El Cholo, dies after 'severe' COVID-19 battle

Christi Carras
Comedian Joe Luna
Comedian Joe Luna, a.k.a. Joe El Cholo, died last month after a battle with COVID-19. (Joe Luna)

Los Angeles comedian Joe Luna died last week from COVID-19, just days after being hospitalized and documenting his battle on social media.

The comic from East L.A., who performed under the stage name Joe El Cholo, died at an L.A. hospital on Nov. 23 at 38, according to the Sacramento Bee. He first opened up about his novel coronavirus journey last month on Instagram, revealing that he had been suffering from chest pains and pneumonia.

"Wow this is no joke and especially if you are diabetic it will rain hard on your parade," he captioned a Nov. 21 post. "And no i didn't get it from going out and performing. It was due to close contact."

"Please take care of yourself," he added in a followup video. "Don't think that you can take care of it on your own. ... If you think that COVID is a joke — if you think that this won't be you — then trust me, because it hits everybody different. ... I got hit with it very severe."


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