Friday, November 6, 2020

dirty business


Every time you hear a rapper getting shot........its a dirty business........anyone in rap is  always associated with crime ......drugs ......etc ....etc's just part of the rap culture .......i never get surprised when i hear one gets shot.....its like expected .....really .....a rapper  was shot today !!!!!!!........oh fucking really ......i wonder why  was he  caught saving an old lady from a burning  building .....fuck no !!!!!!its always about some beef  about drugs or another rapper .......its just the biz , surprises from me ........another  statististic

Rapper King Von, 26, fatally shot in Atlanta

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Rapper King Von, 26, fatally shot in Atlanta

Rapper King Von was shot and killed early Friday outside an Atlanta hookah bar, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. One other person was killed, and a third was in "extremely critical condition," Atlanta police said.

"The preliminary investigation indicates that Dayvon Bennett, aka King Von, and a group of men left the Opium Nightclub and went to the Monaco Hookah Lounge on 255 Trinity Avenue," GBI said in a statement.

"Once there, two men approached the group in the parking lot, and the two groups of men started to argue with each other," officials said. "The argument quickly escalated to gunfire between the two groups."

GBI said Atlanta Police Department officers — on- and off-duty — responded and one of each fired shots at two locations.

Atlanta police said they believe that King Von was not killed by Atlanta police, but rather died in the gunfire between the two groups before officers arrived.

"We are seeing rumors being spread indicating he was shot and killed by APD officers. At this time, our investigators believe Mr. Bennett was shot during the initial shootout between the two groups of males, prior to police responding and attempting to stop the shooting," Atlanta police said in a statement.

Six people in all were shot, including King Von and the other person who died, police said. That person is not identified in the police statement. One male victim was in extremely critical condition and three others were described as stable.

Two people described as suspects were also detained, and police expect they will be charged, Atlanta police said.

The investigation into the incident "remains open and very active" and will determine whether anyone was shot by the officers, police said.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation initially said three people were killed.

NBA star LeBron James tweeted condolences on Friday, noting the impact King Von's music had on him and his sons.

"Damn Rest Easy Von!" James tweeted. "Bronny, Bryce and I rocked with his music and story telling! The kid had a damn good future ahead of him. My prayers and blessings to his family."

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