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You see they only care about your vote .....that is all you are good for .....once every 4 years they care about you for 2 minutes......... and after that ......they do not care about you ....and all that effort........ you out in standing in line ......some place for hours ........ and you get a little round paper sticker .........good for you !!!!!!!!.......good for you!!!!!!as they say in america .......they do not care about your life  even poor people do it .....i know peple will not correlate .......the voting and not giving a shit principle .....its like a car dealer ......he is your friend  after you sign ....on the dotted line  he does not care  .......its just a fact ,........

don't hate the player .....hate the game !!!!!

'They only care about votes': As millions slip into poverty, voting may be the only leverage for a 2nd stimulus check

Marquise Francis
National Reporter & Producer
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Shannon O’Brien’s daughter turns 15 years old on Wednesday, an early milestone for any teenage girl. But this birthday will be unlike any other the young girl has experienced before. 

For O’Brien, 48, this year has been clouded by uncertainty since he lost his job as a bartender in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now O’Brien, who is from upstate New York, doesn’t know if he will be able to get his daughter a birthday present this year because he receives so little from unemployment and he’s drowning in unpaid household bills.

“I’ve had to sell family heirlooms,” he told Yahoo News in a video interview. “I’ve had to bum money from friends just to get by, and it’s humiliating.”

O’Brien, like millions of Americans across the country, is now dependent on the government to help make ends meet with a second stimulus bill. Earlier this month President Trump called on Congress to pass additional coronavirus relief measures, hours after initially announcing that he was calling off negotiations until after the November election.

“The House & Senate should IMMEDIATELY Approve 25 Billion Dollars for Airline Payroll Support, & 135 Billion Dollars for Paycheck Protection Program for Small Business,” Trump tweeted on Oct. 6. “Both of these will be fully paid for with unused funds from the Cares Act. Have this money. I will sign now!”

On Tuesday, Trump doubled down, making another appeal for Republican lawmakers to support an economic relief package higher than the $2.2 trillion proposed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. "It’s very simple. I want to do it even bigger than the Democrats,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends.”

President Trump and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at odds over second stimulus deal. (Photo Illustration: Yahoo! News; Photos: Getty Images (2)
President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are at odds over a second stimulus deal. ( Photo Illustration: Yahoo! News; Photos: Getty Images (2)

But top Democrats, led by Pelosi, have largely rejected efforts to pass piecemeal legislation. On Sunday, Pelosi said she and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin needed to reach an agreement within 48 hours if they want to pass a coronavirus stimulus relief bill before Election Day.

“The 48 only relates to if we want to get it done before the election, which we do,” Pelosi said in an interview on ABC’s “This Week.”


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