Sunday, October 4, 2020

not so long ago

Not so long ago ........ maybe ten years ........or 15   or a  tad  more  ......when human beings just used  to take pics.......but now ......... with social media  and lack of self  esteem....... and  everyone  looking for notoriety....everyone is looking for that andy warhol moment........every monkey......... and their uncle  wants to be social media stars ........desperate for the attention all boils down to low self  worth  ...and  the  attention seeking  movement of  people ....if you had  told me 15 years ago people  would spend  an  evening taking pictures  of  meals......  and  drinks.....and places......... i would  have thought you were insane ..........lost your   mind!!!!!!!!! ........but now  people.......  family   friends  have to go out take  pics of  what they eat .......and post it ........just  to make  people  think their  lives are better  than their  friends ......selfies  are the absolute  height of  narcissism ........i think the kardashians might have . started  it .....its  desperation........ and  low self  esteem .....that's all it  is  ....less is more ..........and you have these  idiots that are taking pics on dangerous  places .......... like these  retards  here ......well there is  always a price to pay for stupidity .......always  ...and the amount of  people  dying  in the bid  to take  selfies  is  rising .....all i can say it  root's out the weak and  stupid  ...maybe it's a  sub conscious  karmic  trend  to get rid of weak fools on this planet ......because i have no sympathy for  stupidity on any level ......stupidity is god's way of  getting rid of the useless  bottom feeders who .....use up precious resources on this planet ........maybe the  smart phone was invented  to make the dumb  who were  already dumb ........dumber ......and  let them get weeded out   so we  can get  rid  of the  slugs on this planet......who knows   maybe that's the plan ......well it is  working slowly .....good  riddance  to the weak and  stupid  .........

2 college students plummet four floors while taking selfie at rooftop party


Two college students have been hospitalized after plummeting four stories while they were allegedly trying to take a selfie at a rooftop party, according to ABC News’ Philadelphia station WPVI.

The incident occurred at approximately 2 a.m. on Saturday morning when police say some Temple University students were partying and drinking on a rooftop in North Philadelphia when two women, who were reportedly trying to take a selfie together, somehow ended up falling off of the roof and landed in an alleyway four floors below.

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One of the students suffered leg and ankle injuries and the other is in critical but stable condition with injuries to multiple parts of her body, according to WPVI.


“I was actually was delivering pizza back to my friends and I saw ambulances everywhere and police cars everywhere,” said neighbor Neel Patel in an interview with WPVI.

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"I feel bad for my friend who was there and did see it and had a really rough night trying to deal with that emotionally," said Temple University student Allison Byrne.

According to WPVI, the building’s management company says that the building has a rooftop deck with a parapet wall and railings, but at least one student who has been up there before says it just isn’t safe.

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PHOTO: Two Temple University students have been hospitalized after falling from a North Philadelphia rooftop while attending a party and reportedly trying to take a selfie together at approximately 2 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020. (ABC News/WPVI)

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"There's not enough room blocking you from falling off, “said Temple University student Arnav Johri. “So if you're drinking and you run right into it, it's really easy to slip right off because it only comes to like a little halfway between your knee and hip."

The circumstances around the accident and the events leading up to it are not clear. Temple Police are handling the investigation, which is also being assisted by the Philadelphia Police.

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This is not the first time a Temple University student has fallen off of a rooftop while attending a rooftop party. In 2013, 19-year-old freshman, Ali Fausnaught, was at a rooftop party just blocks away from where this latest incident occurred and tripped over a 10-inch ledge around the roof of the building and fell three floors to her death.

Neighbors say that not even COVID-19 has put a stop to students partying and some are hoping that this tragic incident is a wake-up call for many of them.

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“To always get the young adults, who are still children at heart, and they have no fear,” neighbor Ada Banks told WPVI. “We just hope that someone learns from their example not to be on the roof. It happens all the time."

2 college students plumm


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