no brainer this one .......


Listen i don't know about you....but no material person or human being in that matter is worth dying for ....... apart from my parents who have passed well there is no human being i consider that is worth their salt.....especially today ......however house is  worth a dam life .......i do not get that mentality ....when you know you are fucked in a fire ........ there is nothing you can do ........

Human beings have no power over fire and water .....its destructive beyond......but stupid is as  stupid does..........listen all i know is if you build in the forest or near a river  ....its just a matter of time .....really .....and as we  are royally fucking the planet over  ......more is on the way ......get used to it .......the more you own ....the more you are owned .......less is more .....i see it all the time .....some people  cannot  understand the trap ....unless you are magnificently rich and have pots of dosh/cash/green ...........then you don't care .....but when the well runs dry do the things around you .....but i guess it is  all relevant ..........still i guess now they have nothing at all not even life  ....because of a stupid house  ......

All i can say like flooding ....disasters and tsunamis ....does not discriminate on any level just equally delivers  death in the same package .........whether you are fat ......thin ......good........ bad is an equal opportunity killer .........but i guess some people  feel that they can beat the odd on this .....good luck chuck !!!!!!

Elderly couple who wouldn't evacuate killed in Colorado wildfire

Phil Helsel
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An elderly couple who cherished their home next to Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park were confirmed dead in a wildfire that exploded in size Wednesday evening, the sheriff said Friday.

The bodies of Lyle and Marilyn Hileman, 86 and 84 years old, were recovered Friday, Grand County Sheriff Brett Schroetlin said in a video statement.

The couple, who the family said married at a young age, honeymooned in the area in 1952, and then bought the property outside Grand Lake, refused to evacuate as the East Troublesome Fire grew by more than 100,000 acres Wednesday evening.

The fire's rapid growth prompted urgent evacuation warnings for the entire town of Grand Lake and other communities.

Schroetlin called it "a catastrophic event in our small community" that affected Grand Lake, other subdivisions in northern Grand County and the national park.

There are no other missing people in the fire, Schroetlin said. Damage assessments are ongoing.

Emergency responders helping with evacuation efforts were met with a fire front that forced many from the area, the sheriff said, and they returned several times to continue evacuation efforts.

The couple spoke with their son Wednesday evening and were adamant about staying, the family said in a statement read by the sheriff. The couple considered the property "heaven on earth."

The East Troublesome Fire, which began Oct. 14 north of Hot Sulphur Springs, was at 188,079 acres Friday and 4 percent contained, fire officials said.

Image: Smoke fills the sky as the East Troublesome Fire burns outside Granby (Jim Urquhart / Reuters)
Image: Smoke fills the sky as the East Troublesome Fire burns outside Granby (Jim Urquhart / Reuters)

It is one of several large wildfires that have burned or are still burning in Colorado this year, which include three of the largest in recorded state history.

The Cameron Peak Fire, burning west of Fort Collins, is the largest and has burned 206,977 acres and was 60 percent contained Friday, according to the interagency InciWeb fire information website. The fire began Aug. 13.

The East Troublesome Fire is the second largest. The Pine Gulch Fire, which was sparked by lightning and burned around 139,000 acres, had been the largest in recorded state history but has been entirely contained.


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