Monday, October 19, 2020

HGTV the most fake of all reality shows ......


It has been known forever  about the reality shows on HGTV.....being fake setup .....not real .........these  are all unrealistic ....shows and the audience  think that some of that shit   is real when most of it is  total bollocks ....i have spoken  to some opf  these  so called reality stars  form a  couple of shows  ,,,,they showed up at expos ......they flood a house  or  job  with  tons of people  to get the shit done......its a  known  fact .........also  known  fact  is lots  of these  shows  are being sued  also  for the jobs  falling apart .......shoddy  workmanship .......there is  an order in construction  with certain things  that have  to be  done ,.......anyone knows  this  .......but hey it's entertainment  for the empty headed  popcorn munching masses ......unless you have  a gram of  common  sense  you must  know  reality TV not real ........

windy City Rehab’ Ends Season, But Legal Troubles Linger For HGTV Series

Bruce Haring
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The popular HGTV series Windy City Rehab has reached the end of its second drama-filled season, as host Alison Victoria Gramenos had to call a time-out in the finale to deal with some bad legal news while on camera.

But even though the season has reached the finish line, the host’s legal problems are apparently far from over.

People reports that the owners of a house featured on Windy City Rehab tried to freeze Victoria’s financial assets amid an ongoing lawsuit. Anna and James Morrissey, who purchased a house featured on Season 1 of the series, filed a motion October 8 seeking to prevent Gramenos from “dissipating her assets, including selling any property which she owns or controls.”

According to Gramenos’s attorney, the court has denied the motion.

The Morrissey’s sued Gramenos and her former business partner, general contractor and developer Donovan Eckhardt, in December 2019. The couple filed a new lawsuit on September 20 of this year, adding the production company for the show, Big Table Media, and Discovery Inc., which owns HGTV.

The lawsuit alleges shoddy work, including “leaks and water penetration,” a crooked front door, crumbling exterior mortar, and problems with the roof and garage.

In the Season 2 finale, Gramenos received a phone call about a second lawsuit from another couple.

“If you only knew what comes into my phone,” she said on camera. “I have people coming out of the woodwork. I have homeowners that are being contacted by the press. All I ever did, and all I’ve ever done, is design. Honestly…Sorry, guys, I’m freaking out.” She then exited the camera interview.

Later, upon her return, she admitted, “I’m just dealing with a nightmare.”

HGTV has not said whether the show will return for a third season.

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