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you just cannot keep down a good barfly no matter what !!!!!!!!!


you just cannot keep down a  barfly ....they are similar to shit flies only larger no wings .....  ....they do not care ....virus  or not ......being an  ex-bartender takes  a lot  to deter a  bar fly .....and they have been cooked  up with the wife  and kids ......or themselves  for a  long  time  .......and like  shit ......the smell of  beer  will bring them for miles  .......its  very  similar you think a  simple  virus ......pandemic  ....hoax ....mind control going to stop the  barfly sir !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they need  their  nachos  ....their  5 cent chicken wings .....their  piss  poor weak budweiser  non-american foreign owned beer ...they will drive miles  ....even in hurricanes  pouring rain ....thunder storms  savor the fare of the  bar they love they can  get in front of  the  screens ......its  a hardcore  being ......they will even  risk driving ....losing their licence .....after their  visit   losing their licence  .......its a unique  being .......but unlike  its  relative  the  shit/dung/housefly....the barfly is  resilient  it will drive  long places  to get  beer  and food.......but ....its  business .....and money will always over ride  risk ...always ......people warn have fun ....and as  soon as they can they will .....virus or not ......

                            ADDED NOTE!!!!!!

 barflies are not real ....they have no wings they do not fly ........its a metaphor  for  human beings  ....this blog was  not  used  to  insult house/dung /shitflies.............

Fauci says it's 'very concerning' that Florida is re-opening bars and restaurants

David K. Li and Ryan Beckler

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's leading infectious disease expert, on Monday called Florida's full reopening of bars and restaurants "very concerning," fearing it will spark more coronavirus outbreaks.

The warning from Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, comes three days after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that his state was going into Phase 3 of reopening, lifting all restrictions on restaurants and bars.

"Well that is very concerning to me, I mean, we have always said that, myself and Dr. Deborah Birx, who is the coordinator of the task force, that that is something we really need to be careful about," Fauci told ABC's "Good Morning America, "because when you’re dealing with community spread, and you have the kind of congregate setting where people get together, particularly without masks, you’re really asking for trouble. Now’s the time actually to double down a bit, and I don’t mean close."

Florida was, and still is, one of the states hardest hit by the virus that's sickened more than 7.1 million Americans and killed more than 205,000 as of Monday morning, according to a running count by NBC News.

Florida residents are now testing positive at a rate of more than 10 percent, according to a rolling seven-day count by Johns Hopkins University. But Florida Department of Health data shows that, as of Saturday, state residents are testing positive at a two-week rolling rate of just 4 percent.

The World Health Organization has set a benchmark of 5 percent before local governments consider reopening of businesses.

The pandemic has killed Floridians at a rate of 65.8 per 100,000 residents, with only 10 states having a worse percentage, according to Johns Hopkins data on Monday.

Fauci insisted he's not calling for universal shut downs, but just a dose of "common sense."

"When I say that, people get concerned that we’re talking about shutting down," he said. "We’re not talking about shutting anything down, we’re talking about common sense type of public health measures that we’ve been talking about all along."


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