Friday, September 25, 2020

tara revoir.......auf wheidersen pet

 It is with profound sadness  to say ....i don't give a fuck about airlines  going tit's up....they have been ripping off joe public for years .....moving seats up inch to make millions ....less leg room ....fucking us over on peanuts ......the food is dread ful .....and not too mention the stewardesses have become more old and beat looking ....used to be hot its old diner ladies .....

Flying used to be fun ....but now you are hered onto the planes  ....have to take your belt and shoes off....because jack off retards tried to bomb planes now everyone suffers .......flying is no fun ....cramped seat ...shit food ......old ladies nuts overpriced drinks .....

Ceo's have been cutting costs on every level .....yet still taking millions in salaries i will not miss these  jack off  airlines ...also less pollution ........flying is no big deal .....they deserve their c comeuppance  after years of treating passengers like shit loss as far as i am concerned  ....sianara.....good riddance .....we all know this is another step closer to 1 world airlines and world order ........

Airlines That Won’t Be Taking To The Skies Again


Transaero made a name for itself in Russia after being founded in the 1990s. The commercial airline company was the largest privately-owned in Russia, a status it managed to maintain for many years. However, despite growing to become such a reputable organization, Transaero found itself in serious financial difficulties in 2015.

Due to the financial problems, Transaaero filed for bankruptcy in 2015 and had plans to completely shut down all of its operations in the same year. However, because the organization had amassed debts of over $4 billion, the Russian government intervened and revoked Transaero’s license months before the company planned on closing. The airline had served tons of customers during its lifetime, but since 2015 Transaero hasn’t spread its wings and flown again.

Small Planet Airlines

The planet certainly does feel smaller now that commercial flights have become so affordable for many people. We’re assuming that’s the reason behind the aviation Small Planet Airlines, to make the planet feel smaller by bringing affordable flights to many. Small Planet Airlines was a Lithuanian airline that also had German, Italian, Cambodian, and Polish subsidiaries.


The company was founded in 2007 and began operations a year later, but after just a decade of cheap air travel, Small Planet Airlines went bust. The finances were always going to be tough to manage in the long run, and with added competition in their market from Ryanair and Wizz Air, Small Planet Airlines struggled. The struggle was too much for the airline to overcome, and in 2018 it ceased to operate.


Pan American World Airways

Many people grew up with Pan American World Airways being one of the biggest aviation companies in the United States. Better known as ‘Pan Am,’ the commercial flight business had first established itself in 1927. Its reputation grew, and after several decades Pan Am was the most trusted and most-used commercial air travel company in the country.


When the company was first formed, it was for delivering airmail between Florida and Cuba, before soon adding passengers for the ride. Pan American Airlines soon realized there was a big market for commercial passenger aircraft, and began establishing itself across the United States. Despite becoming so huge, the airline struggled financially in the 1970s and ‘80s, to the point where it couldn’t continue and went out of business in 1991.


SkyWork Airlines

SkyWork Airlines was established in 1983 and primarily offered scheduled flights to its customers. The Swiss company was based in Bern, Switzerland, and flew passengers all over Europe. During the summer months, SkyWork Airlines would also offer a chartered flight service to 20 destinations through its six aircraft.