Saturday, September 26, 2020

so why are they still here .....


So why are they still here  .,....she should take her ugly feet somewhere else all the other  bullshit celebrities that said they were  going to leave but are still here miley cirus ,,,,,,and snoop lion ....or dogg .....or  whatever  he is  called know what they ares till here they have money and  houses  and  are being paid in dollars  ......that's why.....america  loves money ....not a  country  a business  .....they all talked  shit about  leaving if  donald  won .......''' guess  what dick wipes  he is  still here  and  so are you wankers is all about american dollars  nothing else ,......that's what buys shit pesos ....nada  ......american dollars  and these  cowards are still here .......fuck of  john and  chrissy take these  gnarly feet  too 

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen considered leaving the USA because of Donald Trump

Lottie Lumsden

From Cosmopolitan

John Legend and Donald Trump have made no secret of their feelings for one other in the past. Last year Trump took to Twitter to call John "boring", after the singer apparently failed to credit him for passing a criminal justice bill.

In response, John called the US President "petty and narcissistic" in an interview with the Evening Standard. Now, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, John has described Trump's leadership as "embarrassing" and said that he and his wife Chrissy Teigen have even considered leaving America because of him.

"Every once in a while you think about it," the singer told us. "We were born and raised here, all of our families are here. It would be hard to leave. But I don’t know what one’s supposed to do when you have a leader who is trying to destroy democracy."

John, who is expecting his third child with Chrissy, added, "At some point, if that project [to destroy democracy] was to be in any way successful, you’d have to think about going somewhere that is a true democracy, that has respect for the rule of law and human rights.

"If America chooses to be that place then people will have to start thinking about going somewhere else. It is truly disturbing and concerning."

John's comments come as the US presidential election on 3rd November draws closer. It will decide whether Trump is elected for a second term. His opponent is Democrat Joe Biden.

John continued, "I’m not nervous. I strongly believe America is exhausted from three and a half years of Donald Trump. Exhausted from the daily efforts to destroy democracy and the free press.

Photo credit: Joshua Roberts - Getty Images
Photo credit: Joshua Roberts - Getty Images

"I think his handling of the [COVID-19] pandemic has been embarrassing to the entire nation and has caused so much loss of life, that was preventable. I think people are just exhausted and ready for new leadership: sane leadership, empathetic leadership. Joe Biden can bring that to the country.

"We can’t bear another four years of this. As Michelle Obama said, we have to vote like our lives depend on it. I honestly think the American people will do it. I truly don’t know if we would be a democracy when we were done if we went another four years."

And of his former mentor Kanye West's own bid for President, John said, "I don’t think it’s going to impact the election much. I do think a lot of it’s being supported by the Trump campaign."

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  Well all i can say is ....... good Donald to ya  .....Donald  duck .......luck .......i known people have  not been so lucky with it ........