Wednesday, September 16, 2020

AGT like sports ......

Maybe it's just me  but AGT like  sports and  other programmed
s  , has lost its back bone  ....i like audience  a a bunch of tv's  does not  cut it .....we  have  reached an all time low in entertainment ......really its  just a  way  to coin in money  now  and  ads  are where they are making  bank now .,.......and people  will still watch this drivel shows you the masses are easily pleased  with all this  COVID 19  nonsense  hoax......which i believe it is ......a hoax .....believe  what you want ....look at the MMA   has become servile  entertainment .........what self respecting man would show up to an empty stadium are  just a paycheck whore  that's all you are is not the same  without an audience  .,...its spineless and  stupid ......

AGT' magician Max Major called out for major fail: 'Dude is a fraud'

Lyndsey Parker
·Editor in Chief, Yahoo Music
When mentalist/magician Max Major performed on the America’s Got Talent semifinals Tuesday night, judges Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara thought his chatty act, which involved asking the cast and audience to pick random numbers, was confusing. But viewers at home were even more confused, when it sounded like a member of the show’s virtual audience chose the number 13, but Max claimed that she’d said “14.”
Later, in what was supposed to be his big reveal, Max played back a video that he’d filmed before going on the air, in which he’d predicted all of the numbers (including 14) and had plastered those digits across a Universal CityWalk billboard. But… watch Max’s entire semifinals routine below, and listen closely around the 3:08 mark. If that girl in pink really chose 13 — a number that actually ended up being a later part of Max’s act, via a supposedly random roulette-wheel spin — and not 14, it would have ruined his whole illusion:

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