Saturday, August 1, 2020

its 3rd world

let's be be honest here !!!!!!....Africa has always been a hub for all diseases ....look at Ebola .....fucking ravagde  Africa .......the country is broke....... its being robbed by crooks ........dictators .....they fuck everything up ......and every chance they get ...their  minerals....... and all their income is robbed by either Chinese...... or white man ......their  resources are  not given properly to the residents's sad but that's the  civilized...... or so called civilized countries ...... just rape Africa  ....whether its diamonds...... or shit for  batteries...... or oil ....they are paid a pittance .......

 South Africa virus cases pass half million mark
More than half million coronavirus have been confirmed in South Africa, according to the country's health minister.
Zwelini Mkhize announced 10,107 new cases on Saturday, bringing the tally to 503,290, along with 8,153 deaths.
South Africa is the hardest-hit country on the continent and accounts for half of all reported infections in Africa.
It also has the fifth-highest number of cases in the world after the US, Brazil, Russia and India.
In other developments:
South African health authorities have said the rate of infection is increasing rapidly, with cases currently concentrated around the capital, Pretoria.
More than a third of all infections have been reported in Gauteng - South Africa's financial hub, and a province that has quickly become the epicentre of the national outbreak.
Infections are not expected to peak for another month.
South Africa imposed a strict lockdown in April and May that slowed the spread of the coronavirus.
South Africa is grappling with the largest outbreak on the continent
South Africa is grappling with the largest outbreak on the continent
It began a gradual reopening in June but restrictions - including a ban on alcohol sales - were reintroduced last month as infection rates began to rise again. A state of emergency is also in force until 15 August.
The influx of patients has put an incredible strain on South Africa's hospitals, and a BBC investigation found an array of systematic failures that had exhausted healthcare professionals and brought the health service near to collapse.

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