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fools fall in love

There is an old saying and wisdom cannot share the same plateau.......and of course the old appendage .....fools fall in love ........have you noticed ....those who love the most get hurt the most ........the line between love and hair is hair thin causes people to do stupid shit we all know men trade love for sex and women trade  sex for love's a  fact .......there has been many many songs written about fools and love .....and funnily enough .....most people cannot even love themselves they look for someone to fill a void instead of  trying to fill their own void with self love and respect get these women who have kids to fill a void in their lonely lives doesn't work cup .....has to over flow with self love before you can love someone else ........this is why people get lonely they do not like who they are they will take anyone who will fill the empty void in their existence ...........self love will always bring you fulfillment .....emptiness and looking for  something to fill that void will always bring  dissapointment .........its just stands to sense .......I have heard of  people telling me they were  so lonely ....yet they hated who they were  ....which to me is absolute insanity .......but hey a big business world wide .......its not easy trying to find someone who can think like you ......but if you love out of  desperation will lead to nothing but dissapointment .......just!!!!! like these people .......

Romance scams are on the rise across the U.S.

Aarthi Swaminathan
A report by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) found that romance scams are soaring, with more than 21,000 people reporting them in 2018.
Based on 21,368 reports about romance scams submitted, the FTC found that Americans involved had lost a total of $143 million, which was “more than any other type of consumer fraud” identified by the FTC’s team, the report stated.
“These reports are rising steadily,” the report added. “In 2015, by comparison, people filed 8,500… reports with dollar losses of $33 million.” The Consumer Federation of America also noted several romance scams in their latest report.

(Source: FTC)
(Source: FTC)

People over 70 losing $10,000 to scammers

The median loss to an individual who was a victim of a romance scam was $2,600 in 2018. That was “about seven times higher than the median loss across all other fraud types,” the report stated.
The demographic of people aged 40 to 69 reported the highest losses. Additionally, people over 70 reported the highest individual median losses due to a romance scam — a staggering $10,000.
The report noted that romance scammers lured people with fake online profiles, “often lifting photos from the web to create attractive and convincing personas.”

A Nigerian scam victim poses for portrait in Conyers, Georgia in 2009. She was taken for $10,000 by a man she met on an online dating website where he romanced her and then dumped her when her money ran out. (Photo: Erik S. Lesser/Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images)
While scammers were active on dating websites or apps, the report also noted that many people were targeted on Facebook, where the scammer would begin with a Facebook message.
“Once these fraudsters have people by the heartstrings, they say they need money, often for a medical emergency or some other misfortune,” the report noted. “They often claim to be in the military and stationed abroad, which explains why they can’t meet in person. Pretending to need help with travel costs for a long-awaited visit is another common ruse


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