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does anyone care about NBA

Dam!!!!i guess the whole sporting world is going to collapse because the NBA are refusing to play .......well to be honest i the the whole game ....don't get the excitement ....been to a few basket ball games ....its overrated and like football and baseball the fans seem to love to pay for overpriced beer ,.........nachos ...and of course slices of shitty pizza ......and of course by the time you get there ...but the ticket ....parking ....with your wife and kids ...and buy all the shit food ......not too mention the cholesterol are a few hundred dollars light in the pocket for   game that's rigged .......please don't tell me like all sports its not rigged .....when you see the money they pay these guys i have always said the soul can be bought ....if there is enough money on the table .....that's how i see it anyways me cynical ......but hey........ if you like basketball....... it's your bag ....i have always said that ....jock.....aka athletes....... are overpaid ........uneducated ....have you seen how many get paid........ and end up  bankrupt ......yep .....can't make this shit up .....all sports is just  entertainment ......that's it .........

Barack Obama backs Bucks, NBA players leading walkout after Jacob Blake shooting

Ryan YoungWriter
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The Milwaukee Bucks led a walkout at Walt Disney World on Wednesday in response to the Jacob Blake shooting on Sunday, and former President Barack Obama is right behind them.
Obama tweeted out his support for the Bucks and the rest of the league on Wednesday night, one of countless to do so after a monumental day in NBA history.

‘I commend the players on the Bucks’

Obama tweeted out a video of Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers while praising the Bucks, the NBA and the WNBA on Wednesday.
The video was Rivers’ emotional interview about the shooting and being Black in America from earlier this week.
“We’re the ones getting killed. We’re the ones getting shot,” Rivers said, in part. “We’re the ones that are denied to live in certain communities. We’ve been hung, we’ve been shot. All you do is keep hearing about fear.
“It’s amazing to me why we keep loving this country and this country does not love us back.”
Rivers was one of countless in the NBA to speak out after the shooting and in the days that followed. LeBron James has spoken about it several times, and took to Twitter once again on Wednesday after the Bucks walked out.
“People get tired of hearing me say it, but we are scared as Black people in America,” James said after their win against Portland on Sunday night, part of a powerful statement he delivered. “Black men, Black women, Black kids, we are terrified.”
That walkout sparked widespread walkouts around the sports world, too. The WNBA quickly followed suit, as did Major League Soccer and select MLB teams and players. NBA players met late on Wednesday night to discuss the future of the season, and the league will hold a special Board of Governors meeting on Thursday.
Both the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers have voted to end the playoffs in response, sources told Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes. That meeting reportedly “ended ugly,” and was both “heated” and “emotional.”
Barack Obama is backing the Bucks after their walkout on Wednesday. (Kim Klement - Pool/Getty Images)
Barack Obama is backing the Bucks after their walkout on Wednesday. (Kim Klement - Pool/Getty Images)
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