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cruise ships ...a petri dish

I have been here before...... on the old cruise ship rant.....they are floating petri dishes ....everyone is touching everything many times has there been outbreaks on cruise ships ???.......because  everyone is confined and touching shit ......and when you have kids..... they are walking booger spreaders are the worst at spreading shit ......they pick their noses.......they are on the ground .......they are the worst germ spreaders ......said it now....... and say it again .....i don't know what the attraction is ? .....i guess it's i think....... for drunk partiers who don't need  to  drink drive they go on the cruise ....they can watch a fifth rate vegas  type shit show ....get slammed .........and eat like a fucking pig .......and waddle back to their cabin hammered can't go anywhere ........its all about eating...... and  drinking  ........most of them are just floating villages the way........ they are the worst ocean polluters  .........where do you think all that shit and piss....... and crap goes .....they can't store it all goes in the ocean.....lots of them have been fined .....for dumping ......but hey !.....if that's what you like ........i just don't like the vulnerability of being stuck in a ship...... no where to go .......if shit happens like that covid 19.......


At least 40 infected with COVID-19 on Norway cruises amid scramble to trace passengers

Terje Solsvik

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Tromso
The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Tromso

By Terje Solsvik
OSLO (Reuters) - At least 40 passengers and crew from a luxury cruise liner have tested positive for COVID-19 and the authorities are still trying to trace a number of passengers from two recent Arctic voyages, public health officials in Norway said on Sunday.
Four crew members on the MS Roald Amundsen were hospitalised on Friday when the ship arrived at the port of Tromsoe, and later diagnosed with the respiratory illness. Tests showed another 32 of the 158 staff were also infected.
While the crew was quarantined on the ship, the 178 passengers who arrived on Friday were allowed to disembark before anyone had been diagnosed, triggering a complex operation to locate them in order to contain any potential spread.
So far, four of the combined 387 passengers travelling on the ship on two separate cruises since July 17 have been found to carry the virus, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) and the Tromsoe municipality said.
"We expect that more infections will be found in connection to this outbreak," said Line Vold, a senior FHI executive, adding that the passengers have been told so self-isolate.
The Hurtigruten line, owner of the MS Roald Amundsen as well as 15 other vessels, in mid-June became the first to return an oceangoing cruise ship to service following a three-month halt due to the pandemic.
Asked later on Sunday whether the authorities had by now located and tested everyone potentially infected aboard the cruise liner, an FHI spokesman said: "Messages have been sent to all the passengers. We're now seeking to verify that the information has been received and understood."
Among the infected crew, 32 were from the Philippines while the rest were of Norwegian, French and German nationality, operator Hurtigruten said.
"We are working hard to contain this outbreak in order to limit the spread in the general population," Tromsoe municipality chief doctor Kathrine Kristoffersen told a news conference.
At the start of coronavirus outbreak in early 2020, thousands of passengers became stranded on cruise vessels in the waters of Asia, the United States and elsewhere, leading operators to cancel journeys and triggering mass layoffs.
With measures such as reduced passenger capacity, social distancing and strict rules on hygiene, Hurtigruten aimed to persuade customers to return to the cruise industry.
The MS Roald Amundsen is scheduled to sail around the British Isles in September, docking at ports in England and Scotland.
(Reporting by Terje Solsvik; Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky)


36 crew test positive for virus on Norwegian cruise ship

Norwegian cruise line Hurtigruten said none of the passengers on board reported symptoms related to coronavirus (AFP Photo/Ole Martin Wold)
Norwegian cruise line Hurtigruten said none of the passengers on board reported symptoms related to coronavirus (AFP Photo/Ole Martin Wold)

Oslo (AFP) - Thirty-six crew members confined on a Norwegian cruise ship have tested positive for the new coronavirus, officials said Saturday.
Arriving at the northern Norwegian port of Tromso from the archipelago of Svalbard, the crew of the MS Roald Amundsen was quarantined on board the ship on Friday after four staff members tested positive for the virus and were hospitalised.
Of the 158 crew members on board, 36 are infected, Pal Jakobsen, media officer for the city of Tromso, told AFP, confirming a development that raises fears of a resurgence of cases in Norway.
The ship's company Hurtigruten had earlier indicated 33 positive tests. The infected crew were all Filipino apart from three people from France, Norway and Germany.
The company said on Friday that four crew members "were isolated several days ago because of other disease symptoms, with no symptoms of COVID-19.
"There was no reason to suspect COVID-19 when the ship docked in Tromso based on the symptoms they were showing," Hurtigruten said.
The ship had nearly 180 passengers on board since departing on July 25. None of the passengers reported symptoms related to coronavirus during the voyage, Hurtigruten said.
All passengers disembarked the ship on Friday but about 60 people have since been quarantined in Tromso, the cruise line said on Saturday.
The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has not ruled out the possibility of more cases emerging, "but we will only have the answer once the tests have been carried out". It recommended all passengers remain quarantined while awaiting their results.
As of Friday, Norway had 9,208 confirmed cases of coronavirus.
One person died of the virus on Friday night, bringing the country's death toll to 256. It was the first coronavirus-related death in the Nordic country in two weeks.

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