Saturday, August 29, 2020


The best thing i have seen all year ......delightful .....i just love something that lightens up all the bullshit going on ....this girl has a future ......she diod;t want to do what everyone else was doing ....she is going to be famous ....already is ....brilliant 


4-Year-Old Hilariously Never Moves During Dance Recital to ‘Baby Shark’

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It was a memorable performance when a 4-year-old girl just stood still on stage during her dance recital, while her fellow dancers carried on with the performance. Little Charlie didn’t budge when the music started to play and everyone around her performed their routine in their matching purple tutus. For the full six minutes she was on stage, Charlie stole the show by simply doing nothing.

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second time around

Well ....once again i got covid .....not the bloody variant full blown again.....i think both times its 7-11 gas station .....who knows .......