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Why has someone not got a hold of this fucking asshole ......i think hunters are like pedophiles ........they pick on something that cant fight back know fists or guns ....most hunters would not fight something that has a gun.......... because they are cowards .......they pick on lesser beings........  because they are lesser beings .........if you were a real man....... you would fight a real man .......but they murder innocent animals ......they only feel empowered when they have a gun in their hand .......with an animal .......but if they had  to go face to face hunting another man with a  real gun ....they would'nt........ they are  plain fucking cowards........ and mostly wife beaters........ and child abusers  just goes with the territory .....straight on fight no weapons .....they wopould'nt ......they are gutless ......servile human beings.........  but they are not good  enough to be human is he still managing to  do this  ....i have never  liked anyone that kills defenseless  animals ........ i have usually found them out to be real life cowards  unarmed ......its true ....

Dentist who slaughtered Cecil the lion ‘hunts and kills protected wild ram’ just four years later

Jane Dalton
The photo that Brent Sinclair posted on social media of the dead ram; the men whose faces were not shown are thought to be Mr Sinclair and Walter Palmer: Brent Sinclair / Facebook
The photo that Brent Sinclair posted on social media of the dead ram; the men whose faces were not shown are thought to be Mr Sinclair and Walter Palmer: Brent Sinclair / Facebook
The American dentist who killed Cecil the lion is reported to have hunted another endangered wild animal.
Walter Palmer is said to have slaughtered a protected ram inMongolia, paying up to £80,000 for the kill.
The hunter, who prompted a worldwide outpouring of fury when he targeted Cecil five years ago, was identified as one of two men in a photo with the dead Altai argali – the largest wild sheep in the world.
The image posted on social media shows the pair posing with their kill during a trip to Asia, although their faces are cropped from sight.
According to WWF, the argali is legally protected by Mongolian law, and hunting it is banned. Internationally, the species is officially classed as near-threatened.
Actor and wildlife campaigner Peter Egan condemned “the depravity exhibited by the killers” in the photograph.
The dentist travelled to Mongolia last August from his Minnesota home, the Daily Mirror reported, identifying the two men as Mr Palmer and his friend Brent Sinclair. It said they tracked their prey in the mountains with the help of local guides.
The newspaper said the two men have travelled the world together to kill animals for fun. It’s thought the ram, a “much older male”, was killed with an arrow.
A source told the paper that Mr Palmer had several more trips planned, saying: “At the time of Cecil’s death, Walter took a back seat. But he’s been hunting ever since he was a boy. It’s a way of life to him. Walter has undertaken several hunts since Cecil’s death.
“The trip to Mongolia was his idea. The ram was on his list of hunts he wanted to complete.”
Mr Palmer allegedly paid £32,000 to his Zimbabwean guides in July 2015 to be able to kill Cecil, and was suspected of luring the 13-year-old big cat out of its home in Hwange National Park to shoot it with a bow and arrow.
Cecil, who was being tracked by GPS satellite collar by Oxford researchers, was left bleeding and in pain before being shot dead the next day.


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