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there is this old saying can;t fix stupid ....its true amongst all the shit going on know  covid19.....bollocks hoax or whatever you want to name it .......people are dying whatever it is  ....people are fucking dying .......dropping like flies .....i live in west palm beach ....and its rife here ,.....i haven't seen shit .......but i have heard shit ........listen!!!!!! if you are going to go to Disney are asking for barney rubble .......(trouble).....i know people are cooked up and  stuck at home ......going to  risk your life  for  some  hurrah....... at some fucking theme park.....good luck!!!! chuck i say !!!!!! i am wearing a mask because........ i live in west palm beach  Florida .........and its inhabited by some servile filthy i dont want their  shit on me .....and i am germaphobe...... 

friend who got sick at Disney World's reopening are being criticized for ignoring medical advice to go to the hospital after 'violently vomiting' (Margot Harris)
The Disney fanatics livestreamed their visit to the park, which included a health scare.
The Disney fanatics livestreamed their visit to the park, which included a health scare.
  • A YouTuber and her friend are facing backlash after posting footage of a health scare at the newly reopened Disney World.
  • The YouTuber known as That Crazy Disney Lady streamed her Disney visit with a friend who she says experienced an allergic reaction.
  • In the stream, the woman experienced shortness of breath, elevated blood pressure, and "severe vomiting," ultimately ignoring a medic's advice to go to the hospital.
  • Commenters immediately wondered whether her symptoms were consistent with COVID-19, and several critics called the pair's behavior "irresponsible."
  • The YouTuber fired back at commenters, insisting that the incident was caused by an allergic reaction.

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Two Disney World fanatics who livestreamed their trip to the Orlando, Florida, theme park's reopening over the weekend are receiving intense backlash for continuing to explore the park after one fell ill.
The YouTuber Tonya Blakey, known as That Crazy Disney Lady to her 9,500 subscribers, streamed over 10 hours of footage of her trip to the Magic Kingdom onFriday and Saturday. In the videos, she and a friend, Robin, wandered the grounds, rode Splash Mountain, and experienced a brief health scare.
At one point during the day, Blakey said Robin suffered an allergic reaction (previously, when Robin noted she was having trouble breathing, she inquired whether a brownie contained cashews) and visited a medic station. Ultimately, Robin decided against using an EpiPen to alleviate her symptoms and opted to take Benadryl instead. Her condition, however, soon worsened and she returned to the medic. In the stream, Blakey added that Robin's blood pressure was elevated and she was "violently vomiting" but was "being stubborn" and refused to go to the hospital.
Commenters swiftly questioned whether Robin's condition was something other than an allergic reaction, with some wondering whether she was experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Blakey quickly shot back at her viewers and denied Robin was ill.
"If anybody else asks about Robin having COVID-19, you're going to be not in the group anymore," Blakey said, possibly referring to her private Facebook group that fellow Disney fans can request to join. "I've already clearly stated what was wrong with Robin. Robin would not be in this park if she had COVID-19."
Among the concerned viewers was the gamer Jenny Nicholson, who shared a clip of the women with her 157,000 followers on Twitter.
Nicholson listed Robin's apparent symptoms — "cough, shortness of breath, and severe vomiting" — and added that the two women returned to the park despite complaining of sore throats.
The original video was eventually removed after the tweet faced a copyright claim.
In a series of follow-up tweets, Nicholson went on to emphasize that Robin did not seek further medical attention, ignoring a medic's advice.
While she said she had no desire to subject the women to harassment, she thought their judgment was concerning.
"I'm sure they're nice ladies who think they're invincible and everything's good," she wrote. "But this is why theme parks shouldn't be open in a pandemic."


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