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The washington football team ....r u kidding

I personally hate american foot ball's a rip off  of rugby ....its not foot ball although Americans call football soccer go figure ........any ways you have a even more retarded  thing ....the washington football team .....aka formerly the redskins was okay the redskins ....but insecure  challenged  fear induced  masses  considered it racis......when you cannot understan fear ......simple ......the redskins are demoted  to the just washington football .....and guess  what no audience.....the will probably have cannned fans on tv ....i mean its fucking weak .....retarded  and  a  complete shambles .....that's all they could come up with .......what about the  washington foreskins ......its about all they are good  for ......its way better  than say a Washington football team .......geez  sport is  just went into the shitter  

Washington will be called the ‘Washington Football Team’ until it picks a new name
Rapoport, Garafolo detail Washington's temporary team name, uniforms
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Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington football team, hasn’t yet picked a new name toreplace the team’s previous one. However, he has found an interim solution.
Until a new name is found, the team will be called ... the Washington Football Team.Yes, really.
The name is temporary, but not short term. The franchise is planning to use it for the entire 2020 season, retiring the old name and scrubbing it from its physical and digital spaces by the start of the regular season. The temporary name is accompanied by new uniforms with the same color scheme but no sign of the prior nickname.

A football team named ‘Football Team’

Anything is better than Washington’s previous name, which was racist and offensive to some in the American indigenous population, but an NFL team that’s literally named “Football Team” is borderline parody. It also feels like a huge troll move from Snyder. People who were offended by the team’s old name typically called them “the Washington football team.”
To be fair to Snyder, rebranding a professional sports team is a long process, and he certainly didn’t plan on doing it. Advertisers threatened to pull their support if the name wasn’t changed, and Snyder had no choice but to acquiesce. If this had been planned, the process wouldn’t have been started so close to the season.
Washington will go by "Washington Football Team" this fall. (Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Washington will go by "Washington Football Team" this fall. (Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
As silly as “Washington Football Team” might sound, Snyder likely took the advice of sports branding consultants. Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Eisenberg spoke to several about what Washington should do if it couldn’t rebrand by September, and they recommended something simple.
That being said, it’s still Dan Snyder. The NFL is allowing him to take the helm of the name change process, and he already blew it once by allowing the original announcement to be released on letterhead covered in the old logo and name. The temporary name is a move in the right direction, but Snyder has to do a lot more than that before fans (or anyone) will trust him to make the right decision


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