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oh really !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you that have never  been inside a gentlemans club......aka......strippie .......most are petri dishes it comes to no surprise that some fuckers got scabbbed out........150 cases were reported after the re-opening ......which says enough ...that fools and their money are easily parted ....lets be honest the rep for strippies is you go in they wind you up ....they strippers shake their shit ...the guys are drunk ...they think they are getting a dance ......and some fools even think they are going to rescue a stripper form tit and  clit hell ......i have seem it with my own eyes ........
In essence strip clubs are  for lonely guys who think the women like them .......yes only for one record a ta a time ....i was a driver so i got in for  free  and drunk only coffee  but watched fools ...get conned  out of  thousands and thousands .........don't hate the player hate the game .......girls are making bank ....its the vag that makes them the cash what else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....

I am not in the least surprised at this result at all .......if you look at the state of parking lots especially ....this one a  secret if they cannot  keep up a  parking lot then it tells you tons  about a place .......2 things usually give away a residence the toilets and parking lot ......if they are bad  ......just a fact .....i   ...its nothing more than a  money machine  ........we all know  VIP for the right price you get laid its not cheap .......but you would be better of  in calls ......just saying ever  fools and the corona  ....its not going to  end  .....not now  people want ass over death .....otherwise this would not being happening 

Miami Herald

Strip club employees, customers hit with coronavirus outbreak, Michigan officials say

Dawson White
A strip club in Michigan is the site of a coronavirus outbreak, health officials said Sunday.
Twelve people who either worked at or visited the Playhouse Club in Romulus have tested positive for coronavirus, WXYZ reported.
The club describes itself as the ”the best, high energy party to hit the strip club scene.”
Playhouse Club, a strip club in Romulus, Michigan, has been linked to 12 cases of coronavirus, health officials say.
Playhouse Club, a strip club in Romulus, Michigan, has been linked to 12 cases of coronavirus, health officials say.
A worker at a nearby Checker’s restaurant also tested positive for the coronavirus, according to WXYZ.
Health officials are asking anyone who visited the club between June 17 and July 1 or the restaurant between June 7 and July 4 to contact the Wayne County Health Division to report their exposure, get tested and self-quarantine, whether they’re symptomatic or not, the Detroit Free Press reported.
“It is imperative all people who visited these two establishments during the exposure window call and cooperate with our communicable disease team so that we can understand the extent of the outbreak,” public health officer Carol Austerberry said, according to WDIV.
The outbreak comes as more than 150 cases of coronavirus have been linked to a newly reopened bar in East Lansing — home to Michigan State University — last month.
News broke in June that at least 14 people had contracted the virus after visiting Harper’s Restaurant & Brew Pub between June 12 and 20. Now, that number is up to 161, with 28 of those being secondary cases, WNEM reported.
Last month, officials in Wisconsin reported that a strip club in Wisconsin Dells had also been linked to a coronavirus outbreak, which officials describe as a “two or more laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the same facility or associated with a single event,” reported.
Officials said anyone who visited Cruisin’ Chubbys Gentlemen’s Club between June 10 and 14 may have been exposed to the virus and were asked to contact their healthcare providers if they experienced symptoms, according to the outlet.


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