Monday, July 27, 2020

nothing worse than a whining bitch

These are on the posts i love to rant about ......rose  mcgowan is a fucking all actresses she sold her ass /soul/dignity/herself ......for a career so did all of hollywood......its was known........ to get anywhere in hollywood........  you had to sleep with someone ........and  apparently as rumours has it most men had to sleep with other men to get the  job .....which is no surprise i think most of hollywood men are iffy as fuck anyways .....   or as we  say light in the man see men doing men on men stuff.......  and you think they are good at this man on man  deal shit .......hey !!!!!!!  if that's your bag  carry it !!!!!..........but some male actors can do it too well ......
But back to rose mcgowan she claimed  harvey weinstein fucked her ........ raped her...... or whatever he did to her ........i don't agree.......  i don't  believe in using force /power or whatever ....... unless the bint wants to get drunk ......and  high and fuck that's her prerogative .........but for all these actors  to play fucking innocent in a sordid  fucking parasite ridden occupation ......but its's all good it's hollywood goes way way way back ....its not a  new thing ....look on the net will see  that stuff was happening when there was  black and white movies .......anyone with a gram of  sense........ or smarts knows the whole film business  is  filthy .......and crime ridden..... and run by men who like fucking........ after all........ these women went to hollywood to find fame and  fortune......... and  left their dignity at home .......she (rose mcgowan)....did okay ........she got famous she slept with a man....... who fucked her ...... is it a scandal .......i don't  know you tell me !!!!!!!!!!!!........i just thought getting fucked by the director was a the norm in hollywood  .....i would like to call it a failing career....... and sour grapes  ..........when no one wants your fucking arse hollywood  your a has been .......its has shit and spat out many........ and will not be the last ..........rose mcgowan was not that great ....... she was no angelina or selma hayek...... who did they bang .......they had to bang someone to get where  they are! ....its  just a known fact  .....its  hollywood ......dont hate the player hate the game !!!!!

Rose McGowan says she 'never' liked working in Hollywood: 'It was a means to an end'
Rose McGowan says she never actually 'liked working in Hollywood.' In a long Instagram post, the former actress rallied against the industry and the people who support it. (Photo: Jo Hale/Redferns)
Rose McGowan says she never actually 'liked working in Hollywood.' In a long Instagram post, the former actress rallied against the industry and the people who support it. (Photo: Jo Hale/Redferns)
Rose McGowan says she never actually “liked working in Hollywood.”
In a revealing Instagram post, the former actress, who served as an early silence breaker against former media mogul and convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein, gave a lengthy explanation to why she found showbiz to be unsatisfying.
Sharing an older photo of herself sporting raven-colored hair and a revealing red slip dress, McGowan detailed some of her reasons for leaving the industry.
“I get asked a lot if I ever liked working in Hollywood. My answer is no. I never did. It was a means to my end. My goals. My Hollywood was a job filled with mostly sociopathic predators shooting damaged fish in a barrel. We, the beautiful ones, we were the fish. We were their targets,” she wrote.
Calling herself one of many “weak gazelles in the herd,” McGowan went on to explain how the experience crushed her.
“It was too much for me. Look in my eyes. Ask me again if I liked it. No. But you wouldn’t either if you’d been made fun of, shunned, looked down upon, considered dirty all because someone everyone knew as King Predator and a total piece of s***, told them to do so directly or indirectly,” said McGowan, referring to Weinstein, whom she has accused of raping her in 1997. Earlier this year, McGowan mentioned her fears Weinstein would send someone to harm her, saying she once sat at home wondering “if he’ll hire a hitman to kill me” if he were to be convicted. In March Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison following convictions for third-degree rape and first-degree criminal sexual act.
In the post, McGowan went on to speak about her former agent Leslie Sieber, whom she calls “dead-souled,” claiming Sieber told her to speak less in meetings because she was intimidating men with her vocabulary.
“I was destroyed by that comment. It was late in my ‘career’ and I was stunned. Imagine how tired I was? Years of that directly to my face. But it was so demoralizing. I went into my car and cried and tried to figure out a way out of my life,” she wrote.
McGowan says that ultimately, she’s glad she was cast out by Hollywood because they “did her a favor.”
“You helped get me mad enough to crack the glass ceiling of thought. I hope now you take your clients seriously. They are smarter than you. How you treat them is how they are treated is how the world is treated. Stop it,” she said, referring to agents in Hollywood as “low-key human traffickers.”
“Sanctioned pimping if you ask me. Listen to your clients. Respect them. Don’t sell your clients out to the invisible rules of bulls*** Hollywood. P.S. you always did suck,” she concluded the post.
Back in May, McGowan told Yahoo Music she had no regrets about leaving Hollywood, comparing it to “doing undercover work for so long that you just lose your brain.”
“But then I found it again and I wrote my way out of Hollywood,” she said.
Now focusing on everything from activism and filmmaking to writing and music, McGowan has no desire to return to acting because it’s simply not for her anymore.
“It was my day job. I acquitted myself very well, but it wasn't the love of my life,” she said. “I refused to give up who I was forever just to stay in a [Hollywood] system that I fundamentally disagree with, that I think is a cult. … and then I get blacklisted after being sexually assaulted, and then what job are you doing to do? Then it was like taking the dregs and scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to get what [roles] I could. That's just a crap way to live. And it's not artistically where I live.

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