Wednesday, July 22, 2020

like i have said

I have said this time and time again ......south Florida is inhabited with the stupidest cunts alive .......there is no shortage of money here  .....not much in the way of brains ....i have lived many....... many....... places ....but this is one of the  fucking stupidest places i have ever lived in ......the people here are ignorant......... do not give a fucking dam .....its soaked in losers .....lazy bastards....... veneers bimbos .....drugs .....and  narcissistic fuckers......... and old whiners in boca and surrounding areas  ........its a toilet of humanity ........what else would you expect from a sand bar that hangs out the  arse of  america.......nothing really .......

'There's no corona in the water': Floridians are partying on boats to escape COVID-19, but it's only making the outbreak worse (Hillary Hoffower)
Boaters in Miami in June.
Boaters in Miami in June.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Floridians are taking to the water to escape the pandemic, but it's only intensifying the situation.
Recreational boating in South Florida — the state's most southeastern region — is seeing "one of its busiest summer seasons in recent memory," Francisco Alvarado reported for The Daily Beast, and it's causing an uptick in coronavirus cases in Miami-Dade County.
"Our data from the Florida Department of Health and intake questions at our ERs and hospitals strongly support that boat parties are contributing to the COVID-19 outbreak in Miami-Dade," Aileen Marty, an infectious-disease professor at Florida International University and adviser to county Mayor Carlos Gimenez, told Alvarado.
County mandates prohibit rafting — roping small boats together — and gatherings of more than 10 on boats and require face masks and social distancing, but locals told Alvarado that boaters were ignoring the rules. Some are chartering boats packed with people for upward of $1,200, Alvarado wrote, while others are hosting Trump boat rallies.
"'There's no corona in the water' is a general statement I hear a lot," Mark Santiago, a local fisherman, told Alvarado.

Florida is leading the US in current coronavirus cases

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