Sunday, July 12, 2020

is anyone surprised !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well mexico is densely populated ...and its 3rd world .....and poor ....of course don't see the cartels handing out masks like as in a gesture for murdering thousands and  thousands of people's just business .....death is usually the cost of doing business in any business  war !.....drugs! ....germ warfare! ......oil! .....etc ....etc america is  great at that one ....war i mean ....but i am not surprised at the rise of  death toll in mexico .....its very densely populated poor ......only to the lower enchalents of course ......the workers   ...but they are  a dime or  2 a dozen one cares the govt pretend they do ...but its just good old lip service .....i am sure its worse but the media will oil the stats not  to make things look bad  ...bad enough for the depressed ......and mind laundered to watch the TV......aka google box's just numbers is just numbers  to the upper bracket .....souls and life on the bottom ....are just numbers and  statistics .....they need them .....if you don't know who they are ....well !!!!!!

mexico surpasses Italy to post world's fourth-highest coronavirus death toll

Drazen Jorgic
Outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Mexico City
By Drazen Jorgic
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Deaths in Mexico from the coronavirus pandemic rose above 35,000 on Sunday, with the Latin American country overtaking Italy for the world's fourth-highest death total, according to Reuters data.
But leftist President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Sunday that the pandemic was "losing intensity" in Mexico, and blamed what he called "conservative media" for causing alarm.
Mexico on Sunday recorded 276 additional fatalities and 4,482 new infections to bring its coronavirus death toll to 35,006, with 299,750 confirmed cases. Italy has recorded 34,954 deaths and 243,061 cases. Mexico trails the United States, Brazil and the UK in total deaths.
While Italy appears to have tamed the virus, the pandemic is showing few signs of easing in Mexico, where the government has faced criticism for reopening its economy too soon.
Lopez Obrador said he was briefed on the pandemic this past week and was optimistic.
"The report is positive, good. The conclusion is that the pandemic is going down, that it is losing intensity," he said in a video message.
Lopez Obrador also backed Hugo Lopez-Gatell, Mexico's deputy health minister and coronavirus czar, after criticism of his handling of the crisis.
Lopez-Gatell has kept revising his projections for total fatalities and as recently as June forecast up to 35,000 deaths through October. In early May, the estimate was 6,000.
The coronavirus death toll per million residents in Mexico, whose population numbers about 120 million, is the 16th highest in the world, according to data by research firm Statista.
But Mexican officials say the true toll is likely much higher due to limited testing. A Reuters analysis of funeral-home data in May indicated a toll more than double the reported figures.
Several former officials have criticised Lopez Obrador's administration for its management of the epidemic.
Former Health Minister Salomon Chertorivski, who held the post from 2011 to 2012, said on Thursday the government had reopened the economy before meeting globally established criteria for doing so. He added that Mexico might need to impose a new lockdown.

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