Saturday, July 11, 2020

death penalty should be more ....way more !!!!!!!

I think if the death penalty was more used ...there would be less shit from scum ......i mean it seems it's not used enough would empty the jails more ....after all if you are 100 percent convicted of murder ......then you should get the needle or whatever it is they use in each state ......i mean prisoners cost money after they are executed  they don't cost anything .......i think approx the average prisnoer cost tax payers about 400 bucks a's way way cheaper tpo get them killed would help the system out and be a  deterrent ...some prisoners have it way too easy .....fed ......clothed.......etc......etc ....i am sure i am not the only one that thinks like this ..........more executions ....also it would provide a  steady job ....i would certainly  be inspired  to  euthanize a piece of  shit  dirt bag......i mean if you kill someone  ...or rape a child seems only fair you should be clipped  the country a  fortune in the long run ....after all you are in prison eating .....shitting ....using up resources ...where if you wee  dead less  food   consumed  ...water  ...electricity .....seems  fair take a  life yours  should be gone too ......

 first federal execution in 17 years of a white supremacist killer was postponed because the coronavirus stopped the victims' family attending (Ashley Collman)
A death chamber is seen in Huntsville, Texas in 1997
A death chamber is seen in Huntsville, Texas in 1997
  • Daniel Lewis Lee was due to be executed on Monday for the 1996 killing of a family-of-three in Arkansas. 
  • Three of the victims' family members filed a lawsuit last week, asking for the execution to be delayed because traveling to attend would be dangerous due to the coronavirus. 
  • A Southern District of Indiana judge sided with the family. The Justice Department immediately filed an appeal to have the execution go on as scheduled, but there has been no ruling on that so far. 
The first federal execution in 17 years has been delayed due to coronavirus concerns, according to CNN.
Daniel Lewis Lee was set to be executed on Monday at the US Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana, but a federal court judge put it on hold on Friday. 
Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson of the Southern District of Indiana sided with family members of Lee's victims, who filed a lawsuit on Tuesday, asking that the execution be put off because it would be too dangerous for them to travel to Indiana because of COVID-19.

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