Friday, April 17, 2020

i dont know about you

i don'd know about everyone else  but i am si k of this  corona virus bollocks .....i personally think it's new world order shit ...while everyone had been on lock down the  enlightened ones have been doing   doing some sinister  covert shit......i do not  trust american govt on any level all this  quarantining and  staying in  leaves them to  do shit at might and  empty roads to move shit  around .......

still if you're head is up your ass ,,,,then you will only  care about your stimulus check bollocks  ....its a  drop in a can ....but  some people will be happy they got something for  free ....not from the govt they will expect payment back in the  future in the  form of  mandatory vaccine  ...chipping or  some  big brother   shit  you know  america  does not  give you fuck all for  free .......and the mindless empty headed  masses  will follow like  sheep as  they always  do  by voting in the sinister  underbelly

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