Wednesday, March 25, 2020

china is the worst cunt culture

I have said this many times before ....china is the worst culture .....people .....race .....they have total disregard for everything and everyone across the board .....they are the most mistrustful ........ignorant race on the planet........they are the most racist people i have  ever meet in my life........ they have no self repsect ...they use their children and throw them away like rags in their business ...they have sweat shops....... and they have no regard  for health or  life ......
This virus was caused by their ignorance and disregard for animal life ....they distrust everyone they do not like anyone except their own race they are very unhygienic ......just look at the amount of times they have been  caught with restaurants  being filthy ......
I despise this culture with a  passion ...they have only one god money .....nothing else ....its a race of  emotyheaded ........arrogant grabbing parasites........ and all this what is happening  because of their ignorant 3rd world mentality ....... from a race of people who just don't give a  fuck 

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Taiwan has had to repeatedly scramble its jets to ward off Chinese planes during the outbreak

Taiwan has had to repeatedly scramble its jets to ward off Chinese planes during the outbreak (AFP Photo/Handout)
Anger is rising in Taiwan over China continuing to buzz the island with fighter jets and warships even as they both fight the global coronavirus pandemic.
The self-ruled democratic island has had to scramble its own fighter jets in response to recent Chinese manoeuvres, designed to show that Beijing's military might remains unbowed by the health crisis.
But the tactic is winning few friends among the Taiwanese.
"As the world grapples with the severity of the COVID19 pandemic, China's military manoeuvres around Taiwan have continued unabated," President Tsai Ing-wen said in a tweet late Tuesday accompanied by pictures of her visiting troops.
"Whether it's national defence or preventing the spread of disease, our armed forces remain as vigilant as ever," she added.
Beijing has ramped up drills around the island since Tsai was first elected in 2016 because she refuses to acknowledge its concept that Taiwan is part of "one China."
There has been little let up during the devastating coronavirus outbreak that began in China.
Taipei's defence ministry said four "targeted" drills have been conducted by China near its borders this year, which it said was "concrete evidence of provocations and threats".
Taiwan ran an exercise with its own F16 fighter jets on Tuesday in response.
"China continues the drills to show to the world, as well as to assure its people, that it has maintained military strength and defence abilities in the midst of an epidemic," Lin Ying-yu, a military analyst at National Chung Cheng University, told AFP.
The incursions have sparked anger on Taiwanese social media with some even calling for Chinese jets to be shot down.
"I firmly support to government to contain the outbreak of the China/Wuhan pneumonia and resist the harassment of the communists' military," read one message left on Tsai's Facebook page.
A Chinese military jet briefly crossed the median line separating the two sides in February, less than a month after Tsai was re-elected in a landslide.

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