Tuesday, March 17, 2020

and so they should

Can you blame anyone a fucking petri dish full of tourist could be riddles with the virus ...let them it in the water ....after all its a fucking shop what do ships do sit in water ........oh well you took a cruise you took a risk .......your fault ......no one  wants  diseased froma  bunch of  drunk fucking tourist ....there is plenty to do ..there isn't...after all they boast its like no other  cruise ship .....or  stick in your sardine tin cabin......don't expect sympathy from me ......your fault you wanted  to feel like you were on land at sea ....now you have  it ......giddy up !!!!!!

Multiple cruise ships have been denied entry to port and are stranded at sea — some with coronavirus cases on board

pcachero@businessinsider.com (Paulina Cachero)
The Diamond Princess was stuck at sea following coronavirus cases reported onboard.
The Diamond Princess was stuck at sea following coronavirus cases reported onboard.
In the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, countries have been implementing restrictive measures to curb the spread of the novel virus, leaving multiple cruise ships stranded at sea. Three of those ships have been left in limbo with confirmed coronavirus cases on board.
Some cruise ships have been denied docking at ports altogether over coronavirus fears, while others have docked with quarantined passengers on board.
Here are all the known cruise ships left stranded at sea.

The MS Braemar was stranded in the Bahamas

The MS Braemar was briefly stranded 25 miles South West of Freeport, an area in the Bahamas, after being denied entry at several ports in the Caribbean.
Although the cruise ship was stranded in the Bahamas,  a cargo ship delivered a supply of food, medication and ship supplies overnight.
According to Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, the British company that owns the MS Braemar, four passengers and one crew member have tested positive for COVID-19 onboard the MS Braemar, including a doctor. In addition to those who have become confirmed coronavirus cases, 22 guests and 21 crew members have been put in isolation after displaying influenza-like symptoms.
Fred. Olsen announced this morning that the cruise was setting sail for Cuba, where guests will be "repatriated back to the UK by air," astatement from the company read. Once all of its cruise ships return home, all of its ocean cruise operations will be suspended until May 23.

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