Friday, February 7, 2020

no way

Why should america  give  china  this money .....they caused the  shit .....if there culture was a bit more  respectful this shit would have never  happened  ....they deserve all they get.....they are  dishonest and  have no respect for life ........

US offers $100 mln to China, others to fight coronavirus

Residents stand at the entrance to their village, blocked off to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, at Jiuduhe, north of Beijing (AFP Photo/GREG BAKER)
Washington (AFP) - The United States on Friday offered up to $100 million to China and other impacted countries to combat the fast-spreading coronavirus.
"This commitment -- along with the hundreds of millions generously donated by the American private sector -- demonstrates strong US leadership in response to the outbreak," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement.
"We encourage the rest of the world to match our commitment. Working together, we can have a profound impact to contain this growing threat," he said.
Pompeo, who has frequently criticized China on issues from human rights to its overseas infrastructure spending, said the United States would provide the assistance either directly or through multilateral organizations.
He said the spending would come out of unspecified funds that have already been allocated within the US government.
The aid pledge comes after Beijing criticized the US response to the health crisis, saying that Washington has been spreading "panic" by banning the entry of foreign nationals who traveled to China.
But President Donald Trump on Friday praised China's response as "very professional" after he spoke by telephone with his counterpart Xi Jinping.
Pompeo said that the United States has donated close to 17.8 tons of medical supplies to China including masks, gowns, gauze and respirators.
At least 31,000 people in two dozen countries have been infected, with more than 630 killed, since the virus emerged late last year in the Chinese city of Wuhan, likely from a market that sold exotic animals for consumption.

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