Tuesday, July 23, 2019

you cannot trust anyone ......ever

do you remember when they used to say ...coffee  was  bad  for you .....then chocolate was  bad  for you ......then if you drank one beer  a  day  you may live  10 years  longer ..........now   they are telling you aspirin is  not good ......i mean really what the fuck   .....i have been  living clean and  what the fuck  i am  having some health bollocks right now  i mean  what the  fuck ......do you think those  aspirin fuckers  might be  paying people  to say this  shit is  good  for  you when they  knew it was  bollocks  ....maybe .....all the  shit that used  to be  bad is  good  now .......i just think  people  are  just a  bunch of  fucking lying tossers.......like when you go into a shop  super market or  any business  they don't give a  fuck  ....all they want is your money  ...all they want is  to make a  buck .......off your  ass .......if you go for an  eye  exam ...... how  do you know  really that they are  not  milking you for  a buck......if you go into  somewhere  to buy something ....especially you broads ......who spend  money all the  fucking time .....and  girls  will tell you  ....you look  good  even if you are  pushing 15 lb shit into a  5 lb bag.......girls are  so  lying at  that  shit ......and you know  your  ass  don't  fit  ,...but its a  sale  ......well here is the  aspirin  thingy ....if you want the  truth   .......mostly hate  it  .....especially my biological ....so called  bi peds ......

Millions of people take a daily aspirin for heart health. They might not need to

Adrianna Rodriguez
How taking a daily aspirin could be harmful
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The millions of people who take aspirin every day to prevent heart attacks probably need to have serious conversations with their doctors about whether they truly need it.
About 29 million people 40 and older took an aspirin a day in 2017 despite not having heart disease, according to a study by Harvard University and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center that was published Monday.
The study found about 6.6 million of those people used aspirin even though a doctor never recommended it to them. Nearly 10 million people older than 70 who didn’t have heart disease took daily aspirin for prevention, the researchers reported in Annals of Internal Medicine.
Multiple, extensive studies last year found that only a marginal benefit, if any, could be found from routine aspirin use – especially among older adults. 
Should I take a daily aspirin or not?: What doctors are saying
A study published this year in the journal JAMA Neurology found that taking low-dose aspirin is associated with an increased risk for bleeding within the skull for people without heart disease. 
The studies run counter to what doctors had recommended for decades: taking 75 to 100 milligrams of aspirin daily to prevent strokes or heart attacks.
“Many patients are confused about this,” said Colin O’Brien, a senior intern medicine resident at Beth Israel who led the most recent study. 
The studies prompted the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology to change their guidelines in March:
  • People over 70 who don't have heart disease – or are younger but at increased risk of bleeding – should avoid daily aspirin for prevention.
  • Only certain 40- to 70-year-olds who don't have heart disease are at high enough risk to warrant 75 to 100 milligrams of aspirin daily, and that's for a doctor to decide.
The Harvard study shows how many millions of people who were taking a routine aspirin in 2017 should take a second look at the guidelines.

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