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how can anyone forget their kids

i don't care  who the fuck you are  ....but you should not be  spared a  second  for leaving your  kids in a  hot  car or  not  there is no excuse  for  this  crime don't  deserve  kids  you re a   fucking piece of  shit  .......have you noticed  these  bastards  that leave  kids in cars  are  not  smart  fuckers  they just  breed   and  shit out  kids  ignorants  fucks  i get  mad  at this  shit parents  can   forget  or   abandon their  kids .....obviously they did  not   consider life  a  precious  commodity at all ......some  couples  try and  work so  hard  to have  kids  and you  have ignorant  cunts  capping pout kids and letting them  die in hot cars excuse i am  glad they are  being  charged ....hopefully they will be killed in jail  ......simple  dynamics if you cannot  afford  kids  don't  fucking have them ....


Family, supporters cheer as father leaves custody one day after Bronx twins' hot car death

Family, supporters cheer as father leaves custody one day after Bronx twins' hot car death
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Police said twin babies died inside a car in the Bronx after their father told police he forgot they were there, went to work for the day, and found them hours later.
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Twin 1-Year-Olds Die Inside Hot New York City Car

The father apparently left the children for 8 hours while working at a hospital nearby
Twin infants died in New York City on Friday after their father allegedly left them alone inside a hot car, police say.
The children, 1-year-old Luna and Phoenix Rodriguez, were allegedly left inside a Honda sedan for eight hours while their father worked a shift at a nearby hospital in the city’s Bronx borough.
A passerby called the police after he saw the father screaming on the side of the road, the New York Post reported. Emergency responders arrived at around 4:08 p.m. and pronounced the children dead on the scene, police say.
The father, 39-year-old Juan Rodriguez, was immediately taken into police custody and later charged with two counts of manslaughter and two counts of criminally negligent homicide. Police did not say why Rodriguez left the children in the car.
Temperatures reached a high of about 84 degrees in New York City on Friday, but the temperature inside the sedan likely rose much higher. Studies suggest that cars can quickly overheat when left in direct sunlight. The conditions can be particularly dangerous for children, who are sensitive to heatstroke.
About 38 children die of vehicular heatstroke each year, according to, an organization which tracks the deaths. Including the twins, 23 children have died in hot cars in the United States this year, the organization says.


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