Rebecca Burger, a French fitness blogger, has died after a whipped-cream dispenser exploded into her chest.
Burger, who had 160,000 Instagram followers and more than 55,000 Facebook fans, died over the weekend.
Citing local reports in France, the BBC reported that she died of cardiac arrest after the accident, despite being attended to by medics.
Her family announced her death on Facebook, calling it a "domestic accident." A warning about what her family described as a faulty dispenser involved in her death has also been posted on her Instagram.
The message said the canister "exploded and struck Rebecca's chest, causing her death."

The dispensers shoot gas into a metal capsule, which keeps the pressure high.
The BBC said a French consumer group had warned readers for years about faulty connectors that could break, allowing the gas capsules to be expelled at high speed.
The BBC said such dispensers were involved in enough accidents that the government office for consumers issued a warning, saying the accidents stretched back as far as 2010 and could occur even after years of use.
Below is the warning posted on Burger's Instagram account.

Burger's family announced the death on Facebook.
Burger had 160,000 followers on Instagram, where she shared glamorous photos of her life.

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She also had a YouTube channel.
Her first and only video was posted on 10 June and captured a trip to Bali, Indonesia.